Sentence a Day in July (2021)

 I realized last month that I hadn't been thinking much about my word of the year and so I decided to keep "embrace" in my daily wrap- up like I started the year doing!  

1.  I got up early and went grocery shopping but didn't have much to do in the afternoon so I settled outside to read my book.  When I started feeling tired I embraced the chance to take a nap.  

2. I spent my day getting all the food ready for the family cookout on Saturday.  I made a tossed salad, a fruit salad, and helped Alec make up his lime pie. I embraced a last minute run to Target to buy some new ingredients to turn our cake flop into some delicious parfaits.

3.  I embraced quite a few family members at our family 4th of July cookout.  It was such a cold and rainy day but we all made the best of it.  

4. I embraced another cold day of the holiday weekend to read my book; though we did stop by the cottage for the afternoon to help use up any leftovers from the party the day before and caught the flotilla parade. 

5. Ben and I embraced the cooler weather and went on a hike for most of the morning then finished up the evening at the movies with Ian seeing the latest Fast and Furious movie. 

6.  The younger boys and I embraced the chance to head down to the shore in RI to meet up with friends of ours and spent a fun day together. 

7.  Ian and I headed out on an early morning kayak ride so I could try out my new kayak before heading off for a day of shopping and lunch with my mom.  

8.  Our new furniture was delivered today! I ordered this living room set back in March and I was so thrilled to finally see it in our house. Alec spent his day making a delicious chocolate raspberry cake and some chocolate filled croissants. My mother stopped by to visit and I embraced her (for the second day in a row).

9. With tropical storm Elsa nearby we got a whole lot of rain today; so much that our dock was barely above the water and our jet ski began floating away.  I kayaked out to it, tied it up, and rowed it back to shore. 

10. My husband and I headed up to Maine for the weekend.  We shopped in Kittery, had a delicious lunch out and took the scenic route up to Scarborough where we checked into our hotel and walked the beach for awhile.  For dinner we embraced the chance to get some homemade ice cream and then went for a walk out on the marsh. 

11. We woke to a beautiful sunny day in Maine and headed to check out the Cliff Walk at Prouts Neck; we hiked for 5 miles and while it was absolutely beautiful I did get eaten alive by mosquitoes.  We headed back south to Wells to eat lunch at the Maine Diner (featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) where I had a delicious seafood chowder and fried scallop roll.  We stopped for one last ice cream treat on the way home! It was vacation and I embraced ALL the junk food. 

I did order a kiddie cone... but it was still huge!

12. Another day of rain and flood warnings (we've had rain every day for nearly 2 weeks now!) but I embraced the miserable weather and went grocery shopping anyway.  Just after lunch as I was putting a salad together for dinner my husband called and I ended up going with him on a road job, then to pick up our jet ski, then out to dinner at Pub 99 before returning home. 

These grocery store flowers were too pretty not to bring home with me!

13. A quiet, rainy day at home that I spent reading my latest book.

14.  Another quiet and rainy day at home; though Evan and I did manage to squeeze in a short hike to the state park and my husband was home helping with the basement so I was called in to give an opinion here and there on things like the bathroom ceiling, and size of the mini fridge.

15.  The sun was shining and I made sure to get outside for both breakfast and lunch; the builder finished up the basement and packed everything up.  We still have quite a bit of work to do ourselves but it's coming along quite nicely!  

16.  My mother, step-father, sister and her whole family came to hang by the lake for the day; we had such a great time and my sister gave me this beautiful bracelet for my birthday.  I embraced them all before they left too. 

17.  I brought Alec to karate in the morning and then Alec, Evan and I headed to one of their friend's party in the afternoon/evening.  It's been an annual tradition of ours for more July's than I can count now and we always have a wonderful time (even with thunderstorms in the area!).  I know I embraced the hostess because I remember her apologizing for being a "sweaty mess"-- she wasn't though. 

18. We spent our day working on the basement and running to Lowe's for supplies for the basement.  During one of the many downpours of the day we noticed that our jet ski was sinking so my husband and Ian pulled it out and took a break to head to the shop to try and dry out the engine. One bright side was the lunch date out my husband and I had while running to Lowe's ( to buy flooring!!); we stopped at Pub 99 and I got a delicious strawberry chicken salad. 

19. We embraced the drizzly weather and headed out blueberry picking in the morning; we also stopped at Lowe's, Target, the library, and the gas station.  I spent my afternoon painting the basement trim and doors... again.  

20.  I spent my morning in the kitchen making up a salad, cutting up fruit, making some 2 ingredient bagels, whipping up a batch of blueberry boy bait, and making blueberry/yogurt popsicles.  I spent my afternoon painting some more of the basement but I ran out of paint before I could finish. 

21. We went kayaking in the morning and I sat outside to read for a bit in the sun.  I embraced the beautiful weather!

22. It was a beautiful sunny day out and a bit cool with temps in the upper 60's so we embraced the nice weather and I convinced the boys to go hiking once I had gotten home from grocery shopping.  

23. I painted our basement stairs before we headed out to meet my girlfriend and her family for some hiking, a picnic, and an ice cream treat! I ended my day on the deck reading my book.

24 & 25.  I lumped these two days together because we spent ALL weekend getting our basement flooring put in. I embraced the excuse to eat junk food while working hard and don't regret a single bite of my caramel M&M's, burger that I had at lunch, ice cream treat, or my chicken parmesan dinner from a local restaurant.  

26.  I made some blueberry muffins at Evan's request and then we cleaned the upstairs.  It was a hot, sunny day so I spent lots of time outside reading and lazing about on the raft in the water.

27. My girlfriend and I decided to meet up at Panera Bread for lunch and picked a spot that was 1/2 way between our houses.  We usually only get together once a year and it was so good to see her! We embraced, then sat and chatted for over 2 hours. I hit up the Yankee Candle store and came home with some new favorite scents. 

28. The boys and I went hiking after lunch and then I watched Alec swimming in the pool.  I ended the night with a RZR ride with my husband. It was chilly so I wore pants and sweatshirt and embraced the whole somewhat muddy experience. 

29. I spent my morning working on the blog, doing my nails, getting ALL the laundry done and the bills paid. 

30.   I spent a large portion of my day reading my book out in the sun after packing suitcases and cleaning out kitchen one more time. 

31.  We packed up our cooler and headed out on the road. 

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  1. Despite all of the rain in July, I am truly impressed with how much you got outside! Nothing beats summer :)

  2. It was a soggy month, but glad it was a good one!

    1. It definitely was a bit soggy but we've gotten pretty good at working around the weather.

  3. Seriously, I want to be sitting on your porch eating that salad with you.

  4. It is wonderful to read about your month. It looks like July was good for you x

  5. Replies
    1. Yep, it was. Most of them are pretty good months.

  6. Beautiful photos, Joanne.

    I'd love to sit on one of those chairs at the water's edge and soak in the beautiful scenery.

  7. So many great things happening. I love your furniture. What brand is it? I looks similar to some of my furniture. Can't believe the wait time for stuff this last year.

    1. La Z Boy! I know the wait times have been unbelievable. I hope to get our basement set ordered this week with the hopes it will be in by Christmas!

  8. You always have such a busy month and this one was no exception! The view from your porch is so enticing, I think I would try and spend all day there - maybe with one (or two) of those delicious ice creams ;-)

    1. I definitely try to spend lots of time on the porch (or patio if it's really hot and sunny) but do force myself to do other things too. It would be so easy to sit and read my summer away otherwise.

  9. Oh goodness, the jet ski trying to float away then it trying to sink. All the rain looks so good after being so dry in our area. Yummy, ice cream. We've been talking about getting an ice cream maker, one of the hand crank kind. That chocolate layer cake candle looks good enough the eat. Karen

    1. Yeah, we've really been struggling with Jet Skis this summer; it's gotten to the point where it's a bit comical. We have an ice cream maker that attaches to our Kitchen Aid mixer but I am just awful at remembering to use it.

  10. Come help me use my Colorstreet nail wraps. I am so scared to try them!! Yours always look perfect.
    Love all the ice cream photos. I love ice cream for my weekend treat. This trip to the grocery I bought ice cream sandwiches and I am going to try a Pinterest dessert recipe with them. Sure wish we had a Panera. Their soup bowls are so sinfully delicious. We indulge every time we got back 'home' to KY and OH. Your photos are always so good. I particularly like the one of the bridge leading from the foreground straight up the middle of the screen. Beautiful capture. And the kayak photos, too. Looks like July was a pretty good month that you embraced well.

    1. I'd love to help you with your Colorstreet nails! I do have a nail or two I have to re-do each time but am just so glad they have extras in the packages. Thank you so much for your compliment; I have been really trying to up my photography game these past few years and I think it's working.


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