Ian's 12th Grade Curriculum

 I really struggled with what to do for Ian's final year of high school.  He's only 3 credits shy of graduation and is taking a 3 credit course this fall through our local community college.  I honestly debated about just having him take that one course but I enjoy teaching and figure he's going to be home most days so why not fill them with something worthwhile?! 

Here's what we've put together knowing it might change since we are now seriously looking at graduating him come December and not waiting until June which was our first plan...  

I figure we won't cover it all but whatever we do cover is just a bit extra! 

Language arts: 

Grammar/ Vocab.-- Vocabulary builder workbook and Daily Language practice.

Writing- Writing workshop series

Math: Pre- calculus workbook and Consumer math

History: US History: People & Events 1865- Present and Understanding the U. S. Constitution 

Science: Automotive Technologies-- Ian is very interested in all things that go and already works on lots of different machines.  When he saw this series he thought it would be both easy and fun.  

Foreign Language: He'll be finishing up the German grammar workbook we started his junior year and keep using Duolingo for daily practice. 

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  1. Wow! The beginning of the end :)

  2. Replies
    1. I think so; it helps so much when he's excited too.

  3. 12th grade!!!! Oh my goodness, I bet it's bittersweet. His last year!

  4. How do you do language with him? I know you said he uses Duolingo, does he also have a language tutor?

    1. Basically I too read all this lessons in the grammar book, try a few practice problems, check the answer key and then teach it him as I understand it if he is having any sort of problems. Luckily he mostly seems to understand and know what he's doing. It is not easy and I wish we knew someone/ anyone that knew German to help him in my place.

  5. Looks like a good line up. It's hard picking that last year, especially when you feel like the don't really "need" the credits.

  6. Grade 12 already! And early graduation too. Wow! It's coming fast.

    1. It really is! He's matured so much this past year too.


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