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Cupcake Decorating Fun

 When Alec and I saw that this cupcake decorating class called Furry Friends was going to be offered on a Monday where he had no school we decided to sign up together.  He tried to get a few friends to join him but this company had moved and was not almost an hour away so no one wanted to join in.  We decided not to let that stop us.  It was rainy and snowy on the day of the class and we weren't sure if it was going to be canceled or how the roads would be.  We left early and gave ourselves plenty of extra time to get there and to to find this new facility.  We were the first ones there!  They had tables set up so each group that signed up would be spaced far apart and all our supplies were divided up and ready to use. We already knew from the sign up sheet that we were going to be making 6 cupcakes each-- a panda bear, a koala, a llama, some bamboo, a dog, and a sloth.  As soon as everyone arrived the teacher went through the supplies on our table and then we started working.  Ale

Photos of the Week: February 27th

We had such beautiful weather this week and it was great to be out snapping photos.    – weather --  Our weather was nice and sunny this week and I just loved seeing the sun sparkling off the snow and throwing shadows all over the place.  – key-- A quick snap with my cell phone while out hiking.  I really liked this unexpected perspective of my keychains and keys. – house --  Welcome to our home.  – corner  Evan and I went hiking and found a few of these rock stacks marking the turns in the trail at every corner.   – Photographer’s Choice The sky was so pretty this week. Linking up with:

Friday Favorites: The Last Week of February

 We ended up having a great week with a teasing of  spring.  It was warm and sunny most days and we really tried to take advantage of that whenever we could. It was still snowing when we woke on Friday.   The storm system had started Thursday afternoon around 1:30 and was forecasted to last until late Friday night.   Needless to say Alec's school was all virtual with teachers working from home.  I know so many teachers and students are disappointed to lose their snow days but we are loving this set up and knowing that school will still end in early June! Alec made an origami crow for extra credit in World History and finished up his unit in Spanish with a test.  Alec's origami crow Ian had a hair cut mid-day and it was rather weird for us all that he was leaving, heading out to lunch, and then running errands afterwards.  Alec went sledding after school and I snuggled up to finish reading my latest book.  The sun was shining when we got up on Saturday.  I made a get well card

Encouraging Hearts and Home: Another Month Done!

Can you believe February is already coming to an end?  I feel like I am in some sort of a time warp where hours or days can seem to drag by and then all once the week is over or the month is over and I can't really pinpoint where the time has gone.  It's so weird!  But enough about me and onto our latest bog party. I am so happy you joined us.  And Now, It's Time for This Week's Encouraging Hearts & Home Blog Hop!     Join your Encouraging Hearts & Home Co-Hosts each week for encouragement and support for your heart & your home . We hope to provide a space that builds each other up and lends a helping hand along the way. With all the negativity in the world, let's shine a positive light! The Posts with the most views from last week: Chocolate Whoopie Pies by A Nest in the Rocks Some of my favorites from last week: Easy Almond Joy Brownies by Mom the Lunch Lady Our Amazing Disney World 50th Birthday Celebration Part 2 by The House on Silverado To