Monthly Musings-- All About Summer

It's nearing the end of the month and time for Monthly Musings with Patty and Holly.  This month we're talking all about summer.  Won't you grab the graphic and join us?

1.  Lake or beach-- I love the beach but we live on a lake so I kind of feel like my answer has to be lake. I certanily spend the most time by the lake all summer long.

Such a great view for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

2.  Ice tea or lemonade-- Ice tea all the way.  I drink iced tea year round my favorite it the peach mango green tea by Crystal Light.  It's always in my Yeti!

3.  Favorite summer vacation memory-- We don't often vacation in the actual summer since we prefer to go on our vacations in the off season but when the boys were small we did take a couple of trips to Sesame Place in summer and had such a great time!!  I just love looking back at these photos.

4. Favorite summer destination-- As my husband often jokes we live at one!  I like to hang out at home and just invite some company to join us.  Though no summer is complete without at least one trip to the shore (Preferably Cape Cod, Old Orchard/York Maine, or Nantucket!).

Low tide at York beach, Maine

5.  Go to summer fashion item-- While I wear dresses, shorts, tanks, and tees the one fashion item I am never without is my flip flops! Though I have branched out to a few pairs of sandals this year too.

6.  Have you ever been water skiing or jet skiing-- Yes! We own a couple jet skis and while I won't drive I do find them fun to ride on but not on the ocean-- we tried that once and the spray of water really bothered my eyes.

7.  Favorite summer movie-- Oh.. this is a tough one. I love most any sort of comedy or rom com but one that I always think of when I think summer is Summer Rental.

8. Song that makes you think of summer-- "Summertime!"

9. Best 4th of July story-- I'm not sure I have one story that sticks out in my mind.  Our 4th of July's all tend to run together.  Each year my husband's family has a huge fourth of July party at the lake and all his aunts, uncles, cousins, their kids, their kids friends, friends of the family, etc. all show up for a day long party.  We start around 10 am an party until long after dark.  It's always a fun time.

10.  Are your fireworks on the 3rd, the 4th, or another night-- As far as I know this year's fireworks have been canceled by all the local towns; however living on the lake people tend to set off some pretty big firework displays for the whole entire week!

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  1. Yes for trips to the shore- Sesame Place looks so fun- will need to try to visit once before my little one is too big! Thanks for linking up :)

    1. Sesame was a super cute park with character meals, parades, water rides, and even kind coasters.

  2. Oh we have such sweet memories of Sesame Place too. Thank you for linking up with us today.


  3. Sesame Place was so fun as a kid!!

    1. I had never been before we had kids; I really don't even remember how I heard about it but once we realized it was in Penn. we knew we wanted to take a drive there.

  4. I've been to York ME! I always forget about this link up. I might try to join in though!

  5. Cute video! I don't know that song but I do like Will Smith.
    I always forget what state you live in. Need to look and then commit that detail to memory. Your hikes and lake views have me convinced you do live on a wonder vacation spot.


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