Encouraging Hearts and Home: Spring Planting

Typically I get a few plants for mother's day and that starts up a round of gardening.  I like to place pots of flowers on our front steps, around our patio and in any bare spots throughout my flower gardens.  I've even tried container herb & vegetable gardens with a variety of success.  Do you enjoy planting and gardening?

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  1. When do you do your planting? I am curious. My mom always told me to wait until Memorial Day because of the dangers of frost- we were going to plant even earlier this year BUT the weather has been wacky and we have had several frosts recently- we may just have to wait until Memorial Day again. We typically do some veggies, herbs and flowers!

    1. Usually not until late May but since they are pots I can bring them into the basement if needed. We have had very cold nights and early mornings too but I am hopeful the warmer weather in the forecast might be here to stay this time... maybe?!

  2. I'm waiting until Memorial Day as usual--it was 36 degrees this morning when I checked!
    And I love your idea of potted plants in the bare spots of your garden.

    1. We had frost this morning and mist rising off the lake too.

  3. I normally spend $300-$500 dollars on annuals every year, but with the quarantine and hubby getting his hours cut I didn't buy any annual flowers. Thanks for the party.

    1. WOW!.. though as I say that I have no idea what I spent. LOL. I tend to buy a few, get home, plant them and realize I didn't get enough. Then buy a few more here and there as I see ones I like.

  4. I will be planting my annuals some time next week, right before Memorial Day...We had snow last Saturday and 3 days of frost in the morning this week!! My day used to say to wait until after Mother's day but the last few years, I have waited longer because of the threat of frost!!
    Thanks so much for hosting!!
    Stay safe, Healthy and Happy!!

    1. Yeah, it seems like that threat last just a bit longer each year (and summer drags a bit later into Sept. too)

  5. Thank you for featuring my herb markers. Living in the Midwest, it still gets cool at night but I think our last frost is done (it was last Friday) and I'm looking forward to doing some planting!! Have a great week!

    1. You're welcome! We had snow flurries over the weekend and frost most nights this week so I'm not sure we're in the clear just yet.

  6. Thanks so much for sharing with us Marilyn!


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