11th Grade Curriculum

As we finish our homeschooling year, my thoughts naturally turn to the next year and I begin to plan out what materials, subjects, and supplies we'll need.

While I am trying to mostly meet the state requirements for graduation I realized in my post about 9th grade and high school planning that I never once mentioned we don't have to meet these requirements at all.  In our state a homeschool falls under the category of a private school and my husband and I can set our own graduation requirements.

I like to keep those state guidelines in mind though to keep his options open for beyond high school and because I do think those guidelines help create a well rounded student.

So once again we're shooting for 6- 7 credits and landing with 7.5 credits for his Junior year (technically driver's ed. should take place over the summer but I'm adding it in here because honestly who knows?  He was supposed to get his learner's permit but with our DMV branch closed that wasn't possible).

With Ian entering 11th grade I'm finally finding this process much easier!

Math:  He'll be studying Geometry and we've already gotten a head start on this using the Lifepacs series.  (1 credit) 

Science: We were loaned a wonderful biology series by some friends of ours and I only needed to purchase the student lab workbooks which I found on Amazon.  (1 credit)

English III: Once again we'll combine writing, grammar, and reading together for a full credit.

Writing: Finish Write Shop II-- (.33 credits)
Grammar: The Perfect English Grammar Workbook-- (.33 credits)
Reading: We'll continue reading books of his choosing combined with family read alouds and books on CD-- (.33 credits).

History/Government:  He'll study World Government using World Government Social Studies Activity Book, The 100 Series, and we'll supplement with accompanying books, movies, and materials.  (1 Credit)


Foreign Language-- He will continue with his German practice using Duolingo everyday (.5 credits)

Work Study/ Machine tool and Die-- Ian will continue working on the model screening plant he started in 9th grade and finish building it from scratch. He will also continue working for his father, grandfather, and uncle. (.5 credits)

Home economics/life skills-- We'll introduce more cooking, cleaning, and household tasks this year focusing especially on auto maintenance in preparation for getting his license.  (.25 credit)

Physical Education-- (.25 credits)

Driver's Education-- (.5 credit); We hope he'll get his permit soon and be able to start the 6 month process of testing for his driver's license.  He's already a great driver with lots of practice-- I'm in awe of watching him move the 1 ton pick up around and backing it into small spaces to dump out his loads.   He should have no problems with this!

Engineering-- (1 credit) design and build a working model screening plant

Health/safety-- (.5 credits)

This brings him to a total of 21 credits in his first 3 years of high school leaving him with just 4 credits to finish up next year!  I love that this gives us lots of wiggle room too in case we drop a class.
Our 10th grade curriculum

Our 9th grade curriculum 

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  1. Give you all the credit in the world Mama!

    1. Thank you! It was really intimidating at first but by now it's pretty easy and I really do love it.

  2. I need to come back and read your other high school curriculum posts. I am freaking out a bit as my oldest will be entering 9th grade in the fall. This is new territory for us, so I don't know what i need to do, how I will need to record, what I will be using just yet... AGH! Haha!

    1. I absolutely felt that way when my oldest was in 8th grade... and probably even at least mid-way through 9th. In all honesty I still have not written up a transcript for him (which I had planned to do year by year as we went along!)... I keep putting in on my to do list each week and then putting it off because I keep thinking there is a right and wrong way to do it. I even bought a book on writing one... have written one up for my 8th grader for the school he wants to attend next year and I still have not made one for Ian yet. I know I can't put it off much longer.

  3. It's already been said but you are AMAZING! Such a great plan!

    1. Aw, thank you! Now, as long as I keep him motivated to actually do the work next year we'll be all set.

  4. Your homeschool program is what drew me to you first. Not that I have ever homeschooled. But you just do such a fabulous job. You teach the way most of my teacher-friends wish they still could. But the test. THE TEST. And in Texas the test is HUGE.

    Do the boys have to take the state tests? I think the premise of state skills requirements is good but our teachers have lost some of the freedom to teach the way they do it best.

    1. As homeschoolers we don't have to take state tests but the test is HUGE here too; in our public schools we begin test prep in kindergarten and part of that pressure is what turned me away from traditional schooling and towards homeschooling. I was working in our local public school right until I began homeschooling so I saw first hand how much of our day was geared towards testing and how dramatically our schools had changed to try and pass since funding was directly correlated to test scores (and our school always scored pretty low; usually only passing one portion-- math or language arts-- but not both).

      I much prefer teaching in the old style where we are free to be much more creative and tailored towards each of my boys' interests.

  5. It's going to be so weird not to be pulling curriculum together for next year!

    1. OH I bet! I have a love/hate relationship with picking out curriculum. I love it all but trying to find what will work "perfectly" for each person is hard.

  6. sounds as if you will all be busy love the choices you made.... some requirements and some life skills sounds like life to me
    come see us at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

    1. I hope so! He's pretty handy already but I figure there's always something else we can teach him.


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