Ideas for Filling our Time at Home

With our school year all but over, the boys and I are faced with some pretty long days at home.  This is the time of year we're usually busy with field trips and get togethers with our friends.  It's not quite warm enough to spend all our time outside yet and we can't get together with our friends so we have some pretty long days at home.

I knew if I didn't have some sort of plan in place these days would pass us by with everyone just watching TV or playing video games and while they'll still have time to do that each day, I don't want to spent all day every day just staring at screens and ignoring one another.

I also didn't want to just buy/ add school work into our year to stretch it out.  We worked so hard all winter to complete our work.  So we brainstormed some fun ways to keep learning together that won't feel like we're extending our school year.

Here's what we've come up with!

Manipulate it Mondays: hands- on fun like
  • Execute some science experiments using any uncompleted ones from our books this year
  • Make some fun crafts-- sculpt with clay, paint a picture, etc. 
  • STEM projects-- make a paper basket, fit through an index card, make a mini waterslide, etc. 
  • Pull out our microscope & make some new slides
  • Grow our own bacteria plates 
  •  Make our own hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes

Tasty Tuesdays: try a new recipe
  • Maple glazed donuts
  • Homemade ice cream
  • Try making gelato
  • White chocolate/ strawberry cupcakes
  • Sourdough bread using a starter
  • Making our own cheese
  • Chex/ muddy buddy mix
  • Breakfast Compote popsicles 
  • Italian cream stuffed puff pastries
  • Copycat Texas Roadhouse rolls with cinnamon butter

Wandering Wednesdays: explore our world using virtual travels & resources
  • Go on virtual field trips of zoos, museums, & national parks
  • Watch YouTube travel videos
  • Watch some more nature documentaries
  • Play geography games like Trekking, Geodice, Scrambled States of America, etc. 
  • Go on nature walks with our cameras 
  • Make edible maps using cookie or brownie dough; adding in frosting rivers and cookie landforms.

Throwback Thursdays or Technology Thursdays: We'll alternate learning about history and trying out new websites we never seem to have the time to explore
  • Watch history movies; both fiction and non-fiction
  • Put together some hands on history projects- Spoon catapult, communicating just using emoji's (like hieroglyphics), design our own flags, etc.  
  • Read books about history using our well stocked bookcases
  • Explore the web together using many of the resources we've pulled together over the years and have yet to use. 
  • Use video games they like to really connect with one another and all play together
  • Use YouTube videos for learning more about history

Friday Fundays:
  • Play assorted board games
  •  Put together puzzles
  •  Movie days-- re-watching old favorites and renting new ones to stream
  • Crank up the music and color while singing along


  1. I love all the fun activities you come up with! I don’t know why we haven’t gotten out any of our puzzles yet, I’ve been seeing so many people do puzzles, what fun!

    1. I fully admit that with all the puzzles I've been putting together no one has wanted to work on them with me. I guess I'm the only here who thinks puzzles are fun.

  2. These are such great activities, they are sure to keep the kids both busy and entertained!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Ellibelle's Corner

    1. Thank you; I sure hope they're willing to participate each day.

  3. I just started a new puzzle, and now I need to try those recipes <3

    1. We have been eating so many new and delicious ones.

  4. These are all great ideas. We definitely need to put together puzzles. We have tried new recipes though!!!

    1. Thanks! I am almost finished puzzle #2.. or 3?? I really can't even remember anymore.

  5. I love this list! I'm going to steal it for our family too. The kids have their own schoolwork that is sent out by the teachers, and my husband does that with them, but this would be a great addition for me. I want to do educational things with them after I'm done with work, but I'm not always in the creative mood to come with something from scratch. Also your tasty Tuesday ideas are my favorite ;)

  6. I want to come live at your house, looks like fun! We sent all of our puzzles up to the boys' apartment at college. I wish we hadn't!

    1. LOL. Thank you! My mother in law provided us with a bunch of puzzles recently and they have come in so handy.

  7. Excellent ideas for a family with kids! This weekend, I'll be bringing out the scrabble board for my husband and I. He doesn't know it yet, though. LOL

  8. Great ideas for kids for sure!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! Happy Easter!!

  9. The teacher in me was immediately drawn to your daily themes - love it! Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJ's, you are being featured Tuesday evening on my blog.

  10. Great list, my friend. Homeschooling is one of my greatest accomplishments, via the grace of God alone, of course! I'm delighted to be sharing your list at Tuesday Turn About this week!


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