Sentence a Day-- January 2020

We had a really great January with unseasonably warm weather.  Here is one last look back at the month; one sentence at a time.

1.  Evan and I took off just the two of us for a little Barnes and Noble shopping and he convinced me to end our trip with a cheesecake (not that it took much work on his part!).

2.  We finished our puzzle in just under a week since it was such an easy one with only 300 pieces.

3.  I made up a few birthday cards before heading out for a much needed hair cut.

4.  I tackled our pantry re-do and got the job almost finished..

5.  I finished the pantry re-do and just LOVE it!

6.  I had my two week post-op check up with my doctor and have been cleared for all normal activities again so we decided to meet up with friends and go hiking.

7.  Alec baked up some amazing jam tartlets while I made a casserole and salad for dinner; the house smelled amazing!

8. Alec baked up one final recipe form his Harry Potter cookbook making custard cremes while I worked on some scrapbooking pages.

9. Ian, Evan, and I took my mom to lunch for her birthday while Alec went out to lunch with his grandmother for an early birthday celebration for himself.

10.  As soon as the boys all finished school; Alec and I headed out to get some x-rays done that his doctor had ordered.

11.  It was a beautiful and sunny day so the younger boys and I went for a nice hike.

12. We spent the whole day with family; our morning with my husband's aunt and uncle and the afternoon with my brother, sister- in- law, niece, and nephews.

13.  We met our hiking group at a new park and spent a good hour and half hiking.

14.  We finished up our latest puzzle and cleaned the whole house.

15.  Alec and I headed out for a day of shopping and lunch in honor of his birthday; we hit up Ikea, Christmas Tree Shops and lunch at Outback.

16.  Alec baked up some cupcakes for his party and we cleaned the whole downstairs.

17.  We had a small party for Alec at our house with a few of his homeschooling friends.

18.  We celebrated Alec's birthday with all of his grandparents.

19.  We went to the movies to see Jumanji: The Next Level and ate at the Cheesecake Factory.

20.  I bought some goodies for a fellow blogger and a Valentine's exchange I was participating in.

21.  I finished up my latest book-- Inheritance; A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love

22.  I took Alec to the high school for his admittance/ placement test; step two in the application process.

23. Ian had a dental check up and then we all went for a hike in the sunshine and snow since it warmed up in the afternoon.

24. Alec had a dentist appointment and then we all went for another hour long hike in the afternoon.

25.  I baked up some cookies at my husband's request; this is the recipe I used only I substituted espresso chips for the chocolate chips and cut back the instant coffee by 1/2)

26.  We went on a 5 mile hike around Green Falls Pond before enjoying a late lunch at the Pub99.

27.  The boys and I met up with our friends for a fun day at the zoo.

28. After Alec's karate class I had to take Evan to the doctor to get his ears checked.

29. We got our new mattress delivered!

30. We worked on some schoolwork, cleaned the house, and finished up our Harry Potter book and Harry Potter movie.

31. Ian and my husband came down with the flu and we began praying like crazy that everyone would be healthy in time for our trip next month.


  1. Oh, I hope you all get better soon. Being sick right before a vacation is stressful.

    Also, I LOVE The Cheesecake Factory so I'm envious of all your visits. And where can I learn more about this Harry Potter cookbook??? I am so curious...!

    And Inheritance is sitting on my TBR. I am looking forward to reading it.

    1. We got so many gift cards for the Cheesecake factory from my birthday and Christmas that it's started becoming our place to go whenever we get out of the house. My son checked out the Harry Potter cookbook from our library it was simply called The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook.

  2. I like the idea of making birthday cards. You did a great job on yours and those tartletts look amazing!!!

    1. Thanks! I really enjoy making cards. He did an amazing job on those tartlets; I never thought I'd like them as I don't really like jam or jelly but they were delicious.

  3. What lovely shots of all the snow you shared as we have terribly hot days with smoke from bushfires to contend with! Enjoyed your monthly update and all the best for February.

  4. What beautiful landscape to hike through, your photos are lovely. I really hope that everyone is fit and well for that holiday you have planned, better to have the flu now and be over it in time!

    1. Sadly, we were supposed to be flying out today so we just did not have enough time to get sick in the first place; we ended up postponing our vacation until May. We're hopeful cold and flu season will be long gone by then!

  5. Oh, that photo of the brook and the snow and the tall trees on the bank, I would so enjoy a walk along the water's edge. Just beautiful and so peaceful.

    If I had a son like Alec who baked such deliciousness, I would be as big as a barn. He is always mixing up something sweet and good.

    Hope you guys are feeling better. I am sorry you had to postpone vacay. My granddaughters here are both sick. Even after the flu shot, my 3 year-old contracted Influenza A. And her 3 week old baby sister is running a fever, too. We are all on Tamiflu.

    1. Oh no, I hope both your granddaughters recover well. It's always a bit scary when they're so young and get so sick. I struggle to not eat much of what Alec bakes. Luckily he doesn't cook with chocolate very often as I would really have a hard time passing that up!


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