Amazon Gift Guide for The Baker in Your Life

My middle son is a budding baker which means we have spent lots of time this past year looking at various baking implements and gadgets that he'd like to add to his inventory.  I have to admit having him around pushing me to always try new and interesting recipes has re-awakened a real love of baking in myself as well and I've been adding a few things to my wish list as well.

Today I thought I'd put together a list of all the wonderful baking tools out there that would be perfect for any bakers in your life.

A stand mixer-- while a larger ticket item than most neither my son nor I could imagine baking up nearly as many recipes as we do without this baby.

We bought these donut pans last year and just love them for making freshly baked donuts.

I thought this Pine Forest Bundt pan would be great for baking up holiday cakes!

Truly it is all about the pans when you're baking and I just know Alec would love to have a complete set of his own.

Our cooling racks are starting to get a little rusty and while we're in the market to replace them I've been looking at a tiered set like these to help us save some much needed counter space.

He's been reading a few baking books and heard about an Oven Rack Push/Pull and he's been wanting one ever since.  For only $5 it makes a great stocking stuffer!

This little duster would come in so handy especially with cake stencils like these!

Alec has recently started making pastries and we had to buy him a Pastry Dough Blender and a set of dough cutters; I wish we had found this 11 pc. set complete with it's own storage case!

Our rolling pin is old and has a few cracks in it so we've been talking about replacing it and thought we'd try a silicone set of rollers but a few of these carved rolling pins for making holiday cookies would be fun too.

For a time we were experimenting with making filled cupcakes and this little cupcake corer has made the job of creating a well inside the cupcakes so much easier.

Many jobs require separating egg yolks from whites and I thought this egg separator was just too cute to resist!
Decorating cakes would be so much easier with a nice cake turntable complete with cake leveler and spatulas this set would be wonderful to have.

We're always lookin for new cake decorating icing tips to try too; this set is nice with it's own carry case.

Another fun tool I found was this lattice roller; imagine the beautiful pies we could bake with this.

I've been looking at kitchen blow torches and thought Alec and I could experiment with making some crème brulee using this crème brulee set too.

We've been experimenting with different flavored cakes and cupcakes and I thought a set of Extracts would make another great gift.

What is your favorite baking tool or gadget?

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  1. What fantastic ideas. I love the look of everything especially the cooling rack and the egg separator. It is very cute indeed x #MMBC

  2. I just bought the dough blender, and it is literally a game changer. I made biscuits that weren't terrible for the first time in my life! Seriously, my kids called the biscuits I made before this cookies, Eric thought they were season tradition Italian cookies! I consider myself a baker, and I could totally use everything on this list. I love the stand mixer. I don't know what I was doing with my life before I got one.

    1. LOL; I'm not usually one for baking since I tend to prefer cooking but Alec has really pushed me to try new recipes with him and I'm finding I really do enjoy it now.

  3. Great list - Amazon is one of my favorite places to shop.

  4. I did not even know some of these items were available and now I have to have them.Thank you for sharing.
    Please share this post on my site a You're The Star blog hop.
    Merry Christmas,

    1. You're welcome! I will head on over there right now.

  5. I agree that a stand mixer is a must when baking. I just got one a few years ago, and now can't imagine life without it. It sounds like your son enjoying being in the kitchen just like mine. Thanks for linking up to the Gift Guide post!

    1. He loves it! I love having him take over too as I'd much rather be cooking than baking.


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