Some Clothes I've Been Buying from JC Penney

I have been ordering things and buying things from JC Penney like crazy.  I have so many clothes but found things like coats, boots, and sweaters are all so big.  Other than a few pairs of jeans I don't have any pants that fit well either and since I mostly know what sizes and brands to buy it's easiest just to pop on over the site and place a bunch of new things in my cart.

Here's a few things I'm just loving!

This coat is meant to be a raincoat but it is lightly lined and just perfect for the in-between fall/winter weather we've been having and the material is nice and soft too.

We had to go to the store in person to return a pair of pants that were just a funny fit on me and I loved this long sleeved shirt; I'm not sure if they show up well but there are sparkles all over it!

They have a fabulous boot sale; buy 1 get 2 FREE! And I totally stocked up!  I bought these black ones.  I am not usually much of heel gal but these are nice and chunky and are actually pretty comfortable for walking. 

I just love these pretty stone boots with the cute trim.

And lastly, I got these nice everyday brown ones

I needed some pants that weren't jeans and loved the fit of these tan ones.  I also found myself a new favorite sweater.  I have so many clothes in this color... and a yeti, and a phone case, and it's sort of becoming "my" color.

I wore this pretty sweater (with this matching long sleeve tee from Target) for our family photos.  I love the ruffling around the neck!

We had a funeral to go to and while I found quite a few dresses I liked my husband and I agreed this one by Worthington was the best... though I also fell in love with their perfect trouser and bought those too just in case I didn't feel like wearing a dress the day of.  The pants fit perfectly! 

As I was writing this post up I was anxiously awaiting another package... I broke down and bought a few more dresses (I hope the ones I ordered online are the same ones I liked in the store and have been kicking myself for not buying!).  


  1. Great selections! I love that teal color too. The boots are great and the black dress looks great on you.

  2. You look great in all of those. I was just telling my sister that my apartment is littered with packages from ordering online most of which I've had to return because I can't get my size right. Then by the time the returns are processed and the exchanges arrive, I might not be that size and each brand and style can vary wildly in fit. I guess that's what I get for being thrifty and ordering from a place that doesn't have a physical store like Pennys.

    1. Thank you! It is hard to know what size; especially when it keeps changing.

  3. I love the simplicity of your choices - OMG we have the same style! LOL, I have yet to find another blogger whose clothes I would totally buy.

    1. Thank you! I definitely prefer simple styles with minimum fuss.

  4. What a great problem to have...buying new clothes because the old ones don't fit. You found some great pieces, and I'm going to check out the link to the dress. Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

  5. You found some great things! I saw the sale on boots but didn't take advantage of it. November was a month to build up my oldest's wardrobe because he is growing out of everything!

    1. Oh I hear you; my boys are growing like weeds!


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