Friday Favorites: Happy Thanksgiving!

We had a great week this week! The family really came together for some home improvement projects, cleaning the house, and getting all ready for Thanksgiving and the holidays.

I gave the boys the day off from school on Friday since I had a couple of back to back doctor's appointments.  The ultrasound went well and, while quite painful, the biopsy was necessary.  At one point I had two ultrasound techs in the room with me marveling over the growth in my uterus and assuring me that once the polyp was removed I would feel so much better.  I can't say I'm looking forward to the surgery but I am glad to have answers.  Apparently though I have a fibroid, and a couple of ovarian cysts it's the polyp causing all the problems.  They'll be removing it around Christmastime.

After I arrived home and grabbed a quick bite to eat Evan asked if I wanted to drive and get their glass fusion projects since we had gotten a call that they were ready to be picked up.  It was a long drive in what turned into pouring rain but we just love how our projects turned out!  I can't wait to se those ornaments twinkling on the tree this weekend.

We spent all day Saturday working on Evan's room.  We decided to rip out his rug and replace his flooring with laminate flooring.  It turned out great but was a lot of work for one day!

I forgot a before picture but here we are 1/2 way through ripping out the old carpet

It poured most of the day on Sunday and while Ian was at work my husband, myself, and the two younger boys worked to clean the whole entire house top to bottom.  Working with so many hands at once allowed us to do a nice deep cleaning.  In the afternoon my husband and I went grocery shopping and Alec made dinner for us all (for the second night in a row!).

It was pretty nice on Monday and after all our schoolwork was done for the day Ian headed off to work while the younger boys and I headed out for a walk. We only walked to the local park and back but it was nice and the sun was shining.

We had another great day on Tuesday too.  After Alec's karate class and finishing up our schoolwork Ian once again headed off to work while Evan and I went for a walk.  I wore my new favorite dress! I ordered a bunch of clothing from JC Penney and Old Navy and am just loving it all.

I was up bright and early on Wednesday and at the grocery store by 7.  I had a few last minute things to pick up for Thanksgiving and I wanted to beat the crowds.  After a quick morning of schoolwork the boys and I worked together for one final clean sweep of the house and then Alec set to work making his caramel infused blondies.  They smelled so good!!  He also shared his latest dragon drawing with me.  He often spends hours in his room drawing while listening to a book on CD.

We had a very relaxing Thanksgiving on Thursday.  Alec wanted to help prepare ALL of the food so he spent a good portion of the day with me in the kitchen. My mom and step father came over and after dinner we all gathered around the fire place to watch our yearly viewing of Elf.


  1. What a lovely new floor. That is so nice. So glad you will be free of pain soon.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. He LOVES his new floor and has mentioned it daily since we swapped it out. His brothers cannot wait to have their rooms done.

  2. OMG the new floor looks amazing! And caramel infused blondies?! Yes, please! I can practically smell them from here! I love that your boys are so productive, helping in the kitchen and listening to books on CD. My kids are 7 and 4 and mostly run around the house shouting, with swords, lol.

    1. Mine mostly ran around yelling and play fighting (at least I always pretended it was play fighting as long as there was no bloodshed) at those ages too! I am loving the new flooring but do wonder how long it will last before scratches and all sorts of other blemishes show up.


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