Under the Sea Turtle Party at the Lake

Evan wanted to celebrate his birthday early again this year with another swimming party at the lake.  We settled on turtles for his theme and ended up stretching it to include other sea creatures since we couldn't find much that was just turtles.

As the boys get older and older their parties are less over the top and planned out because they just want some simple fun with their friends.  I try to accommodate and spend much less time on Pinterest looking for ideas in case I get completely carried away!

We spent a few hours setting up everything (including filling up all the water balloons) and we were all set when his friends arrived.  It sure looked like everyone had a wonderful time.

Other than the banner, a few Mylar balloons, some printed plates and a table decoration I kept everything green this year.

I even promised not to try and theme out the food this year. We had some light snacks, a few boxes of pizza and, of course, turtle cupcakes.

The basket was filled with cans of silly string-- two for each child at the party

We had buckets of water balloons tucked all over the yard; though many did not stay blown up until the party actually started as I kept hearing them pop regardless of how much water they were floating in or how sunny/shady it was.

The kids all decided the lake was a little cool so they headed up to the grass for a water balloon fight; followed immediately by the stilly string fight.

Once they were done, Evan opened gifts and they had cake.

Then they ended up swimming; after working up a sweat running around in the sun.

There was a lot of laughter, lots of squealing, and tons of silliness!  


  1. What fun! Those are the cutest turtle cupcakes I ever did see and the cutest birthday boy!! xo

    1. It was a lot of fun and the cupcakes were a huge hit.

  2. The cupcakes look amazing! I bet everyone had a lot of fun!

  3. Wow! What a fun time. I did water balloons once for one of my kids about this age, and it was a HIT! The cupcakes are so cute, too.


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