Friday Favorites-- They're Here!!

My sister and nephews arrived mid-week for a visit and my boys and I could not have been more excited to see them!

We had great fun on Friday with quite a few science experiments.  Our favorite was making pop rock candy!  While waiting for it to cool, we went out lunch at Panera bread and then tried a few science experiments using the pop rocks once we arrived back home.

Ian headed off to work on Saturday and the younger boys and I ran out to get some fresh picked apples, sweet corn, and peaches at a local orchard. I worked on a few scrapbook pages and talked to my sister on the phone for almost 2 hours about her upcoming trip and well, pretty much anything and everything.  The younger two boys were heading to the cottage with their grandmother for a sleepover after dinner but we ended up all going out for ice cream first.  It was a bit chilly for ice cream but it tasted so good I didn't care!  I got mint Oreo ice cream with fudge swirls.  YUM.

Sunday was another cool day and my husband and I ran out to get groceries while the younger boys went on a hike with their grandmother.  Ian worked on taking apart a broken jet ski most of the day to see if he could fix it; if he could the owners were going to give it to him for free... sadly it was not fixable.  I reminded him we had one working jet ski and only one rider so we're all set anyway.

My mother in law sent me a photo of their hiking view!

Ian headed off to work with my husband on Monday and the younger boys and I took advantage of the cool weather to go on a little hike and set off a rocket kit that Alec had gotten years ago as a birthday gift.  Alec really wanted to try making blueberry doughnuts too but the recipe we found was quite the dud.  After tying to roll it out and cut it into doughnuts we could not get them off the sheet.  We tried turning the batter into blueberry fritters instead and fried balls of the dough but while they were quite tasty the fried dough taste overpowered the blueberry taste.  Ultimately we threw most of the batter away and we'll try again another time with a different recipe.

I brought the other two boys hiking while Alec was at karate on Tuesday.  We then ran a few errands and I spent the afternoon getting a much needed haircut/trim.

Wednesday morning Ian headed off to work while the younger boys and I worked on cleaning up the basement, making salad, and heading to a local farm stand to buy some fresh corn for dinner.  I also picked up some beautiful flowers (that I have no idea how to arrange in a vase to look nice) and sat back to wait for my sister's arrival. Evan was getting antsy while waiting to we played a game of Battleship.  We connected mid-afternoon and spent a fun night catching up with one another.  We hosted a cook-in (since it was pouring rain) and Alec worked on teaching his cousin to play chess.

I was so tired on Thursday after getting horrible night's sleep that I mostly laid around the house reading.  Though I did make an appointment for myself to see a Dr.  (I honestly can not remember the last time I went and had to find a new Dr. as my Primary Care Physician is no longer in our health plan).   My mother, sister and her boys stopped by mid-morning to hang out and visit.  We planned dinner and all the boys decided to head out on a kayak ride.  They had a great time!

How was your week?


  1. Always fun to read about your week!
    Enjoy the long weekend!

  2. Have the BEST day date today and the sweetest long weekend!

  3. So much fun again! I didn't know you could make your own pop rockets. Cute scrapbook page too!

  4. Sounds like such a great time with family. I always love watching the kids with their cousins. Have a great weekend.

    1. Oh me too! It's so fun to see how they interact.


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