Sentence a Day-- June

We had such a fun time in June.  The rain finally began clearing up and we had some hot sunny days by month's end.  We made lots of small improvements to the exterior of the house that really add up to some amazing results.

1.  I hung around the kitchen most of the morning while working on blog, keeping an eye on Alec in case he needed any help making his scones; he didn't and they were delicious!

2.  The whole family spent the day in Boston walking the Freedom Trail and exploring many of the museums along the way.

3.  We ran to get the car washed, return books to the library, and buy Ian some shorts for summer.

4. I planted flowers for the front stoop, Evan washed off the patio furniture and I weed-wacked the lawn.

5. I supervised Alec making some pineapple bread before heading out for a much needed haircut.

6. We went for a hike in the woods.

7. I managed to sit and read a book by the lake most of the afternoon.

8. Evan and I went kayaking together; look at all that pollen on the water!

9. Alec made some brown bread while the rest of us worked on the yard, put in the dock for the season, and cleaned off the patio.

10.  I finally got around to painting the pillars on our patio; what a huge difference it made.

11. I helped Alec make a handmade father's day card.

12.  After taking the cat to the vet's I put another coat of paint on our dock and had enough left over to paint the front stoop; I just love it!

13.  I woke up with a sore and scratchy throat so we decided to just enjoy a quiet, rainy day at home.

14.  We had plans to meet up with our hiking group at Moore State park and then we met with the delivery guys who were dropping off our new grill!

15.  After helping out my husband at work in the morning we stopped to pick up a new patio set and put it together as soon as we got home.

16.  For father's day we went to the movies to see Men in Black International.

17.  I got my license renewed and then we met up with friends for a day at the beach.

18.  It was a rainy day and just perfect for curling up with a new book-- Summer of '69.

19.  We went on a hike in the morning even though it was threatening rain.

20.  It poured all day so the boys and I played some games in the afternoon to keep busy; I am a master at Qwirkle.

21.  We managed to squeeze in a hike between rainstorms.

22.  I painted the pillars in the front of our house as well as all the door trim.

23.  We went to see Cirque De Soleil Luzia.

24.  We had ice cream sundaes for dinner.

25.  It poured all day so I sat in the kitchen catching up on blogging while watching over Alec's first attempt at making homemade bagels.

cinnamon/sugar bagels

26.  We went for an hour walk along the river before the sun really warmed up the day.

27.  The boys went swimming while I began scraping paint off the Adirondack chairs.

28.  We went to pick strawberries in the morning and then spent the afternoon in the lake keeping cool.

29.  We went kayaking and got caught in a summer shower; thankfully it was only a light sprinkling of rain.

See the cormorant? 

30.  The whole family worked together pressure washing the deck and we started on the patio before an afternoon thunderstorm came roaring through.



 How was your month?


  1. All that delicious baking is making me hungry! You certainly live in a beautiful area - so many perfect places for putting your feet up and enjoying a good book.

    1. He is quite the baker and while I try to very hard to support that I am constantly trying to give away a huge portion of what he bakes so we don't end up eating it all. Delicious as it is we just can't keep up!

  2. Your month sounds and looks delightful! Great effort with the painting and baking :)

    1. Thank you! I found once I started painting I just couldn't stop! I love how much a little paint can truly transform the look.

  3. SO many yummies in the month - & beautiful nature scenes. What a wonderful month.
    I'm reading a Elin H book right now too - love her books for summer!

    1. I love her and Nancy Thayer whenever I want a nice beach-y/summer read!

  4. Thanks for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 2! Shared ♥

  5. Oh wow, all that rain! I can't wait for my kids to start baking things too. Alec looks to be doing really good. June for me was a bit gloomy, not too hot but we got a few pool days in, gardening, and we made a few pallet projects. Thanks for linking up with us at #OMHGWW.

    1. Yeah we've been having a very rainy spring and a pretty rainy start to summer.

  6. Visiting you from the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 2! What a fabulous month you spent at the lake and what gorgeous scenery. Will pin this post. Nancy Andres @ Colors 4 Health

    1. Thanks so much for the pin! We did have a pretty great month.

    2. My pleasure. Be well and lead a colorful life! Nancy Andres at Colors 4 Health

  7. Good work on freshening up the chairs and the pillars and the balcony. Our patio and backyard need a face life, too. Hopefully before summer is out.

    Moore State Park is lovely. What a beautiful place to explore.

    I grew up in Boston/Brookline and we are planning, hoping to go back to Boston this fall for the first time since 1968. Was listing all of the places I want to visit yesterday. Can't wait!!

    1. Oh how exciting! I bet so much has changed... and yet also stayed the same.


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