Friday Favorites-- 2 Week Wrap- Up

So with the holiday on Thursday last week and my husband having a 4 day weekend I got all thrown off and completely forgot to have my post ready for Friday morning.  I figured I'd just keep my Friday favorites going and make this week's post a two week wrap up instead.  It's long but it's summer and we're busy getting so much fun in!

My husband gets up at 5 am to workout before work and he woke me on Friday (June 28th) to go for a 30 minute walk with him around "the block".  It was a little chilly but so peaceful and a great way to start the day!  Once the boys were up we got ready quickly to head out and pick strawberries before the day got too hot.

After lunch we spent the afternoon outside fishing, jet skiing, and swimming.  Ian had a friend over that he's known since kindergarten and it's crazy how much these kids have grown!  They spent their evening canoeing down the river and fishing.

Alec and I worked on our "chopped" crafting idea for our library's competition first thing after breakfast on Saturday...Our library gave us a bag of crafting supplies and we had to use 6 of the items inside it (including one dictionary page) to put together a craft for their display case.  The assortment of supplies really stumped us for quite some time but we finally settled on a craft we're OK with.  It was a fun collaborative effort and while I don't think we'll win, I can't wait to see what everyone else will come up with.

Supplies we could pick from

We spent the afternoon outside and the younger boys and I went for a little kayak ride. It did start sprinkling and we could hear thunder rumbling in the distance so we headed for home.  Thankfully it never poured here and we made it back mostly dry.

We headed out to dinner at the Whistlestop and tried getting our groceries at a new store... but by the time we reached the checkout line we were wishing we had stuck to our old faithful Market Basket; they're the best!

Sunday was so bright and sunny out and we had big plans to work around the house since my husband was home and we had no plans.  We got the deck all pressure washed and started in on the patio before a ring of thunderstorms moved into our area in the afternoon/evening.

Evan had a friend coming friend over on Monday July 1st and his mom and I spent all afternoon catching up with one another while the kids played.  It was so nice having another adult to talk to about this transition we'll be making with Alec in the next two years from homeschooling to high school.  Her son is looking to do something similar and we talked through how best to prepare the boys this last year at home to face success with their choices.

We played cards all afternoon after Alec's karate class on Tuesday.

Wednesday I woke up and ate breakfast on the newly cleaned deck.  The kids hung out on the patio and in the lake before heading to my mother- in- law's cottage for some swimming, card playing, and having fun pigging out on all sorts of sugary and fried snacks.

We had no plans for the 4th of July so on Thursday we finished pressure washing the patio and started on the house.  Once that was all done we spread more patio sand onto the patio and the front walk then sprayed them down with water to seal it.  Hopefully that will keep the weeds from going in.  It was a long hot day of work but the house looks so much better now.

water activates the glue in the patio sand; hopefully that will help keep the patio looking nice

Friday morning found us up early and at the grocery store just as they opened.  After putting all the food away and eating a late breakfast we put up a new light over the front door.  Then we worked on getting new sand for our beach.  By the end of the day our house was all ready for the season.

We ended up taking Evan to the walk-in clinic on Saturday.  He had a huge rash on the back of his knee that grew overnight and almost touched again in the front.  I had drawn a light around it with sharpie when we saw how big it was on Friday and when I saw that it had grown even more overnight I knew we should have him seen.   Good thing we went too; turns out it's Lyme Disease.

Luckily he felt great and the younger two boys could make it to their friend's bowling party.  Ian headed to the cottage on the lake with my husband for the annual "4th of July" family party (we always pick a Saturday near the 4th to celebrate since we have family coming in from other states too).

These old lanes are re-set by hand!

Sunday my husband brought Ian and Evan to the movies and Alec headed to the cottage with my mother in law to go swimming.  I enjoyed a lot of quiet time by myself on the patio.  Once they were home from the movies we headed to the cottage to visit with those family members who came back for day #2.

My mom and I headed out for our annual birthday shopping trip on Monday July 8th and we had a great time.  I was thrilled that all of the clothes I tried on (and bought) were two sizes smaller than last year!!  I also found lots of great deals and ended up with even a few sweaters and jeans!

Evan wanted to go with my on Tuesday to Alec's karate class so he could pick up a new book or two at the library.  I just love catching him reading; because if I'm honest it's a pretty rare sight!  He finished the graphic novel in just 24 hours.

Alec made two delicious cakes these past two weeks-- a s'mores cake (graham cracker cake with chocolate ganache filling and topping and a marshmallow buttercream frosting) for the 4th of July party and a mocha cake with mocha frosting for my birthday.

We had some chilly mornings on the lake and I just love watching all the steam and fog burn off in the morning.

Wednesday the boys helped me clean the whole entire house.  We ate lunch outside and the boys all went swimming while I read my latest book.

We made plans very last minute on Thursday morning to go meet some friends of our at a nearby pond and had the best time!  We stayed for over 3 hours and met two new families.  There was a nice cool breeze and the sun came out.

How's your summer going?


  1. Your view is incredible! Looks like the perfect summer so far and I am very impressed with the cake making- have a great weekend!

  2. Love reading about your life with the guys. And congratulations! TWO sizes! That's amazing.

  3. I want to live at your lake house :) We are praying for rain these days to cool down the 100 plus temps. Maybe I will just go eat a strawberry to help with the heat......

    1. Wow! 100 plus would just be a little too hot for me. I think we've had a high of 88 maybe 90 here and that is more than enough...

  4. I love strawberry picking. Used to do it with the kids a lot back when belonged to a CSA farm. Have a great weekend.

    1. It was tough picking this year; we had such a rainy season that the berries were quite small and a little over ripe too.

  5. Gorgeous views - beautiful deck - delicious looking food! Looks like a perfect summer so far!

  6. The lake house is wonderful and looks like so much fun!! Congrats to you for being able to buy clothes that are 2 sizes smaller than last year...That is my goal for next year!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for taking the time to comment!!

    1. Good luck! I just could not get over it and kept thinking they must have re-did their sizes. I know I've worked hard and I lost weight but I hadn't thought I had changed my overall shape by that much.

  7. You week looks so much fun. I wish we could have fit this much into our week. Lovely photos. Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Have a great week.

  8. Wow, you are looking amazing!!! And your weeks sound so fun!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!



    1. Aw, thank you! It is great motivation to keep at it.

  9. Oh gosh that cake looks yummy! Kayaking is so much fun. My son does paddling and loves it but it tires him out.

  10. What a fantastic summer you all are having. Congrats on your healthy weight loss plan. You look marvelous.
    Blessings, Dawn


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