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I don't think there is ever a day that goes by that I am not thinking about some great idea for a family vacation.  I have planned too many of them in my head to ever really take our family on before the boys are completely grown and out of the house!  I also have thought a lot about trips I'd like to take once the boys are grown and out of the house (though I just know I will wish they were with us to experience it!).

Today's list is all about those dream vacations... and I'm warning you this list could have been so much longer!

One of my goals for a few years now has been to try and visit all 50 states so I do have just about a destination or two in every state in mind and a few outside the country too!  For today's post I'm just going to list those that I think about often.

1.  Bora Bora-- I've always wanted to stay in one of these over the water bungalows.  Just look at that water!!

2.  Bar Harbor and Acadia National park in Maine have been on my list for some time.

3.  The Outer Banks-- Typically if we're thinking of a trip to North Carolina we go further south and visit our family but I have always wanted to rent a house and enjoy the outer banks.

4.  Hawaii-- My boys often talk about visiting Hawaii; often the thought of the long flight stops us from actually planning anything though.  While we all love the idea of travelling none of us like the actual travel part...

5.  Paris and the French countryside-- I went to Paris in high school and my middle son has been talking about going to see the Eiffel tower and all the sights for years.  I would just love to make this trip happen for him.

6.  Alaska and the northern lights-- I know Alaska is huge and if we wanted to plan a trip there I'd have to narrow it down more but Ian often talked about moving to Alaska and I've heard from so many people that's it's just breath taking.

 7. A cruise!-- My husband and I went on a cruise for our honeymoon and I've always wanted to try another one.  I don't think I'd care where we travel to; anywhere in the Caribbean, Europe, to Hawaii or Alaska, even Disney!

8.  Venice, Italy-- I'd settled for just about anywhere in Italy but I have always wanted to see Venice and go on a gondola ride.

9.  Staying at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas-- We went to the Bahamas on our honeymoon and the Atlantis resort was new enough that we didn't know what it was but pulling into port I just wished we had booked a shore excursion there; it looked amazing!

10.  Washington, D.C.-- I've driven by it, I've driven through it, and I've read up on it but have yet to actually stop and explore this city and all it has to offer.

11. A National Parks trip-- Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park, the Grand Canyon, Sequoia National forest, etc.

12. The Florida Keys &/or The Florida Everglades-- We vacation in Florida often but two places that I'd still love to explore are the Florida Keys and the Everglades.

13. Walt Disney World and Universal Studios-- While we've been to both (and WDW more than a few times) these two major theme parks always make the list. We have the best time exploring these parks no matter the boys' ages.

14. Australia & New Zealand-- This is one country we've read about pretty extensively and we all agree it would be such a neat place to explore.

15.  Bermuda-- I think you can tell by now that I love warm weather destinations and beautiful beaches. I've always wanted to see the pinks sands of Bermuda.

Where would you love to go?

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  1. Bora Bora has always been near the top of my list, but I doubt I'd ever go just because the travel time to get there from here is INSANE.

    1. That's how I feel about so many places I'd love to visit. I am not a huge fan of planes and the travel time to most of my "dream" places is just too much for me.

  2. LOVED reading this post- I think we have several of the same destinations on our list. I had friends who just got back from Bar Harbor and Arcadia Park and said it was incredible! :)

    1. My in-laws just got back from Bar Harbor and they loved it!

  3. I am working on a post about places I want to visit someday too. I love dreaming of these places because as much as we love Destin Florida, there is a lot more out there that we want to explore.

    1. We tend to have our favorite places to go and visit and I try so hard not to keep falling back on the old family favorites and bring some variety into our travels. It's such a big world and I want to see as much of it as I can.

  4. Awesome list!
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. Yup, I want to go to all of these! Except I've already been too some! But Bora Bora is for sure on the top of my list!

    1. We've been to a few too but it never hurts to re-visit an old favorite vacation spot!

  6. Thanks for linking up at the #UnlimitedMonthlyLinkParty 2!

  7. Loved your suggestions. Thanks for making me dream!

  8. Those look amazing! We went to the Bahamas before we got married and though we did not stay at Atlantas we did tour it. It was beautiful!
    We just got back from the Keys and it was an amazing trip. We stayed on Marathon Keys which was perfect for us, much quieter, and then visited some of the other keys. If you go make sure to go snorkeling!! It is well worth the money. We felt that the beaches on the gulf coast of Florida were nicer, but you can not beat the clear water in the Keys!
    Great list!!!

    Thanks for linking up @LiveLifeWell!



  9. I would love to go to every single one of these! My family used to go to Bar Harbor every summer to escape the heat in NC for a week or two. Bar Harbor is incredible. You need to go-- you will absolutely love it!!

    1. We really just need to suck it up and go; but it is a good 6 hour drive without stopping.. just a bit too far for a weekend trip and yet not something I ever think to plan a week to do!


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