Books My Boys Read in the Last Month

I probably should title this post books Alec read in June since he read all but three of these! He has been reading up a storm since we finished school and spent one day last week writing up a list of all the books he still wants to request through our library.  It makes my heart so happy to see him devour so many great books.

1.  Warrior's Book 3: Forest of Secrets-- In this third book of the series the clans and alliances are all shifting.   Fireheart is determined to find out what happened to Redtail but the more he seeks answers the more he begins to question.

2.  Brotherband Chronicles Book 2: The Invaders-- After winning the Brotherband competition their celebration comes to a screeching halt when Hal and the Herons realize a sacred artifact has been stolen.  Now the team must band together and go after those that stole their relic.

3.  Wings of Fire Book 10: Darkness of Dragons-- Qibil wishes he had some magic so he could defeat Darkstalker.  Qibil fears that he alone is not strong enough to change the prophecy and save his world and his friends.

4.  Wings of Fire Book 4: The Dark Secret-- Evan is working his way very slowly through this 4th book in the series. Now that school has ended for the year and we have summer off it's pretty rare to find him reading at all but he has promised to finish the book before we begin school in the fall so I know he's reading occasionally.

5.  Explorer Academy book 2: The Falcon's Feather-- Cruz, Sailor, and Emmett board the Orion for their mission which will take them across the globe... but Cruz unwittingly is leading his friends into danger and can't help but wonder who keeps following him and why?

6.  Brotherband Chronicles Book 3: The Hunters-- Hal and the crew are hunting down the Pirate Zavac hoping to stop him and regain their missing artifact.

7.  The Dragonfly Effect (Book 3 of the Hypnotists)-- The boy and I all listened to this book on CD.  It was the third and final book in the Hypnotists series.  Jax is living on a military base when he uncovers a dastardly plot to destroy the world.  It's up to him and a couple other hypnotists to save the world.  A bit far fetched at times it was not our favorite book.

8. Warrior's Book 4: Rising Storm-- Fireheart's enemy has been kicked out of the clan but he's pretty sure that his enemy is lying in wait for him somewhere.

9.  Brotherband Chronicles Book 4: Slaves of Socorro-- After returning home with their missing artifact the band of brothers sets out on a new quest to stop their rival who has become a slave trader.

10.  Wings of Fire Book 11: The Lost Continent-- Blue and his sister are about to get their silkwings when Blue discovers that all is not as it seems within their world.  Now he must adapt and begin to fight for his life.

11.  Keeper of Dragons; The Prince returns (book 1)-- Alec re-read this book because he downloaded book 2 and wasn't remembering all the charaters.

12.  Keeper of Dragons: The Elvin Alliance (book 2)-- Cole discovers that he is unable to control the magical powers he stole and the dragons turn to the elves for help while a new enemy and queen rises to power.

13.  The Harp and the Ravenvine (the Keepers Book 2)-- Horace and Cloe are still trying to adjust to their magical powers when a new girl shows up with a damaged Tan'ji that the order must help her repair.

14.  Warriors book 5: A Dangerous Path-- ShadowClan chooses Tigerclaw to be their new leader as a new threat enters the forest and places all the cat's lives at risk.

15.  Keeper of Dragons: The Mere Treaty (book 3)-- The elves and trolls are gone.  Cole, Eva and the Dragon keepers are all at odds with one another.  They must fight; but who will win?

16. Iceberg-- Much like Evan, Ian has hardly picked up a book since we ended our lessons. He too has promised to finish this book by the time our new year begins in the fall.


  1. ...I was that reading had been easier for me as a kid. They didn't understand learning disabilities back then.

    1. Oh that is too bad. I can only imagine how much you must have struggled.

  2. I'm glad your boys are having a great reading summer, because this Mama's summer reading has been so disappointing!

    1. Oh no, I hate that! I've read a few good ones but did have a few that I put aside after just a couple of chapters.


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