Photo Tour of Harkness Memorial Park

We were in the area of Harkness park last week and I was so thrilled when the boys and the friends we were with agreed to go there.  It has long since been one of my favorite parks.  The grounds are just beautiful.

Harkness park sits on the shore line and has a beautiful old mansion on it with some truly stunning flower gardens and water features.  There are always people flying kites, having picnics, and lots of areas to walk around and explore.

Red horse chestnut tree

At the water's edge

Walking across one of the lawn areas.

Exploring the gardens

This sun room has blooms and leaves painted all around the ceiling and an aqua floor
 The lilacs were in full bloom and smelled amazing!

Just about the time we were ready to leave we finally made our way around to the main entrance of the mansion.

There was an old carriage house on the property that we didn't make it to and we assumed this was an old water tower from when this was a summer home of the Edward and Mary Harkness.

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  1. Oh my gosh what beautiful grounds! I would love to go there.

    1. It really is so pretty and I've heard they rent it out for weddings; that must really be something to see!

  2. We are on the other side of the globe but still loving this amazing memorial park with beaches and garden..

  3. what a beautiful place! The garden s are lovely!!

    1. They do such a nice job; they had a whole slew of gardeners working on them that day and planting even more.

  4. What a gorgeous place. You find so many fantastic field trips.
    Blessings, Dawn

  5. What a pretty place and I love those gardens! Thanks for linking up to Take Me Away! Enjoy your weekend!


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