Weigh In Wednesdays: Weeks 4 & 5

I've decided to switch up the format of my Weigh In Wednesdays a bit.  I felt that listing everything I ate every single day as well as cataloging all my exercise and steps was just a bit too much (really I was just copying all my tracking apps and reiterating them here).

Instead I thought I'd talk about what has and has not been working, how I feel my new lifestyle changes are going.  If you'd prefer more detailed accounts please let me know and I can always switch back to the old way of doing thing.

I have noticed that my appetite is mostly curbed by my meals and I have had nothing but blue dot days for two weeks; even with birthday celebrations!!  In fact, for the whole month of April I only had three days that weren't blue dot days (and one of those was because I ate too little points!).

Some of my favorite meals I've been eating:

Fresh fruit salad

Fruit, nonfat yogurt and 1/3 cup Simply Nature Granola for just 4 points.

This entire meal was only 5 points for the couscous and so very filling.. served with chicken tenderloins, asparagus and corn.

We experimented with making our own homemade pizzas using the 2-ingredient bagel dough as our crusts and they were delicious! I loaded mine with veggies and it was only 7 points with cheese and sauce and crust for the entire personal sized pizza!

My youngest son got us to try unsloppy joes using flat wraps and turkey instead of meat and our entire roll was only 6 points.  We served them with salad and fruit salad for a light and filling meal.

I noticed my fitness tracker watch isn't perfect as it hardly registers things like kayaking, roller-skating, and yoga-- three exercises I've been doing these past two weeks.  Instead I am focusing on trying to get an hour of physical activity each day and so far am doing pretty well with that!

Roller skating for an hour and I could feel the muscles in my leg working!

I have lost just over 15 lbs in the past year and while I still don't really feel it.  My jeans are just a tiny bit looser.  However, my husband swears he sees changes and can't understand why I don't.  He must be right because I've had a few other people remark that they can see changes too.

I am getting up earlier in the mornings and exercising at least a few of those times; I have a lot more energy and feel fantastic with all the healthier choices I'm making.

Though I do still allow myself some sweets just about every day... as long as I can stay within that blue dot range!  My go to sweets right now are these Yasso yogurt pops (I LOVE the butter pecan flavor! but the raspberry chocolate chip are a close second).

I only weigh myself every few days now instead of everyday-- I still can't make it down to just once a week but that's OK.. baby steps, right?

I had gotten into a bad habit of drinking more Crystal Light iced tea and was starting to bypass my water intake again so I made an effort these past few days to ONLY drink water.  I've been filling up my bottle twice a day so I'm taking in anywhere from 60-64 ounces of water each day. Keeping my 30 ounce Yeti nearby all day has helped and I love that it keeps the water nice and cold.

My weight loss has definitely slowed in the last few weeks and while that can be frustrating I know that as long as I keep at it doing what I'm doing I will continue to see changes.  I made a three month commitment and I'm already 1/2 way through... I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon either as I feel so darn good!


  1. You go, girl! That couscous meal looks yummy!

    Happy Wednesday!

  2. My husband notices my weight loss before I do too. I guess he looks at me more than I look at myself! I am glad you're feeling good and good job with the blue days!

    1. I figured the same thing; I know my husband looks at me more than I look at myself.

  3. LOVE that kayaking photo! I've always thought it looked like such fun. Just aiming for an hour of physical activity every day sounds so much simpler than using a fitness tracker (of course, I'm a pretty low-tech sort!). If you don't want to eat sweets every day, you might find a post I did in September 2016 helpful. At the risk of being "spammy," I'm going to put it here for you. https://www.delightfulrepast.com/2016/09/sugar-toxin-or-treat.html And I've never been on Weight Watchers, but a friend who has, did so much better after she broke her dependence on artificially sweetened drinks and snacks. #WeekendBlogHop

    1. Kayaking is a lot of fun; but we have to be careful once the real summer season hits as our lake gets crazily crowded with motorboats. We like to find tucked away coves where we can meander close to shore and see all sorts of wildlife.

  4. All this food looks so good, especially those chicken tenderloins.

    1. I am really loving all the fresh fruits and veggies.


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