A Sentence A Day in April

We had a pretty good month!  The weather in New England is often changing; especially in early spring.  We have worn everything from shorts and t-shirts to winter coats this month but as April draws to a close we are seeing more warm weather days.  It has been a very rainy April but hopefully the sun will start coming out more and we'll see lots of May flowers.

1.  We went on a very long hike with our hiking group when we got a bit turned around on a few of the hiking trails.  (after an hour and 15 minutes we finally found "found" the cars).

2.  I took the boys shopping in the afternoon; the two younger boys needed new and larger sneakers while Ian needed some new clothes.

3.  We had a truly beautiful 60 degree day and headed out after lunch for a hike on our favorite Ramsdell Woods Trail.

4.  Alec made some truly delicious homemade cinnamon buns from scratch all by himself while still managing to help the other two boys and myself clean off the patio.

5.   We tried out a new hiking trail and had some really beautiful views of the lake.

6.  We watched this broad-winged hawk de-feather and devour a duck right near our house; it was amazing how close he let us get! 

7.  We took a short Sunday afternoon bike ride around the neighborhood and I painted my nails a pretty pink color for spring.  

8.  It poured most of the day on Monday so after the boys were done with schoolwork I spent a good part of the day curled up with a good book-- I'm Fine and Neither are you. 

9.  I did grocery shopping at Walmart (while Alec was at karate) and found so many great Weight Watchers foods that I had not been able to find at any of the other grocery stores I had tried!  

10.  Alec made some homemade donuts and we all went for a good hour and a half hike at the Thompson Dam checking out yet one more new trail. 

11.  The younger boys and I went hiking at Purgatory Chasm and managed to hike two different trails.

12.  Date night at the Whistle Stop Cafe!! 

13.  I spent my morning at the library and picked out a good 1/2 dozen books for myself.  

14.  My husband and I took the younger two boys letterboxing but we only managed to find 1 letterbox.

15.  I had almost a full hour to myself when my mother in law took all three kids for hot fudge sundaes at Friendly's. 

16.  We went for a nice long walk at the Thompson dam with some friends of ours.

17.  We dyed our Easter eggs using shaving cream and food coloring. 


18.  Alec made croissants from scratch this week.  

19.   It was a blustery windy day so the boys and I skipped our walk/hike and ran a few errands instead.

20.  We woke at 3 am to no power from a very windy rainstorm that was ripping through our area. 

21.  We took a family kayak ride in the late afternoon and while it was still pretty cloudy and sprinkled a few times here and there we were out on the kayaks for a good hour. 

22.  The younger boys and I went to see the new DisneyNature film penguins. 

23.  The boys and I spent the afternoon at the roller rink roller skating with a few of our friends at a fun homeschool skate. 

24.  We spent the day at the shoreline with some friends of ours.

25.  The younger boys and I went to the zoo and the botanical gardens. 

26.  We cleaned house and began making Ian's birthday dessert. 

27. I spent the day doing laundry, grocery shopping for Ian's party, and helping Alec finish up Ian's dessert. 

Brownie bases with peanut butter cheesecake filling and Reese's ganache

28.  We had a small birthday celebration for Ian's 15th birthday.  

29.  We went on a walk with our friends to soak in some fresh air and sunshine (after 4 long days of cold, rainy weather) and stopped for an ice cream treat on the way home.

30.  I finished my first full month on Weight Watchers and did wonderful on eating healthy in April; making my "blue dot" goal (when you're eating in your target range) almost every day.  

How was your month?


  1. All these homemade yummies... I'm pretty sure I gained a pound just looking!!!!
    ROLLER SKATING!!!! I'm all about that!
    So I stared at that frog & tried to figure out the picture for 5 minutes!!!

    1. That's how we felt! We stood there a good 15; my boys thought for sure there was pollution that mutated the frogs. LOL. I am loving that my boys enjoy rollerskating; I have so much fun joining in with them.

  2. Those frog and owl pics are awesome. Every photo is awesome!

    1. Aw, thank you! I made it a goal to work on my photography this year. Looks like it might be paying off.

  3. You guys do a lot of outdoor schooling and it looks so cool. I myself am terrified of getting lost on a hike. We live in the foothills of east tennesee and there are tons of great hiking trails and places to go. But I'm chicken. haha!

    1. We love to get out as much as possible, as soon as the nice weather hits, after feeling cooped up all winter. We tend to only go hiking on WELL marked trails and I keep my phone with me at all times.

  4. You certainly were busy in April. The weather has been rainy and cold here, too. I'm waiting for some warm Spring days. Thank you for sharing at Party In Your PJs!

    1. We were! I can not wait for some warm and sunny spring days (we've had a few but I'd love to see even more of them!).


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