What's Up Wednesday: April

It's just about the end of the month and time for another What's Up Wednesday post.  Today I am linking up with Shay and Shafer and all their blogging friends to talk about What's Up.

Let's dive right in!

What We're Eating This Week: I plan the menu around our family's choices and then make small modifications for me and my Weight Watchers plan (often substituting the carb at dinner with a second vegetable).

Sunday: Turkey cutlets with egg noodles and broccoli
Monday: Weight Watchers American chop suey casserole with salad

Tuesday: Ham steak, corn, and couscous
Wednesday: Cheat meal with REAL Chicken Parmesan with spaghetti sauce, garlic and salad
Thursday: Chicken fajita chili (zero points!) and corn muffins

Friday: Baked Haddock with asparagus and rice pilaf
Saturday: Healthy chicken and vegetables with roasted potatoes in the air fryer.

What I'm Reminiscing About: My oldest son turned 15 this month-- 15!!  I just can not believe how fast the time went.

What I'm Loving: I love this poppy seed dressing; I have been able to make my own version of Panera's strawberry poppy seed chicken salad (a favorite of mine!) for 0 points!

What We've Been Up To: Lots and lots of hiking! With and without friends.

What I'm Dreading: Now that the trees are budding I know the pollen is going to drive my seasonal allergies nuts for a month or two and I'm dreading that.  

What I'm Working On: We are hard at work finishing up our school year; each of the boys only has two subjects left and we're wrapping up another wonderful year of homeschooling.

What I'm Excited About: We have lots of fun field trips planned for the zoo, hiking, the freedom trail in Boston, etc. and we can not wait!  

What I'm Watching/ Reading: We started watching The 100 over the past weekend and while I can't say I love it I am finding myself watching every time my husband turns it on. I'm also continuing to watch my favorite shows (post here)

I read quite a few good books this month (my full list will be on the blog Sunday so please come back and check it out).  My favorite book though was The Alice Network; a story about two women; 1 a spy during WWI and one looking for a lost cousin after WWII their stories intertwine and overlap in unlikely ways.

What I'm Listening To: The radio and Pandora; we haven't all been in the car together in quite some time so we still have our book on CD from last month to finish up.  In the meantime when I'm by myself or just one or two of the boys we've enjoyed listening to music.

What I'm Wearing: It still has not warmed up enough for much of anything beyond jeans and sweatshirts though I have broken out my flip flops and an occasional short sleeved shirt here and there these past few weeks.

What I'm Doing this Weekend: We're celebrating my son's birthday with a small family party at home... I really need to figure out what we're getting him for his gift!

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month: Mother's day and our 18th wedding anniversary!

What Else is New: I've lost 8 lbs  in the past month after joining Weight Watchers!

How was your month?


  1. Aww, when is your wedding anniversary?? Ours is May 27th, which happens to fall on Memorial Day this year HA!

  2. Happy birthday to your son! Great job losing 8 lbs!

  3. I had no clue that Skinnygirl did salad dressings. I'll have to look into those as the ones I always love are soooo terrible for you.

    1. Umm.. so I have no clue what else Skinnygirl makes; I guess I'm going to have to search their products page and see what else I want to try!

  4. I watched every episode of The 100 and loved it too! Such a great show!


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