Winter Bucket List; How We Did

Can you believe the first official day of spring is coming up in just two short weeks?! That makes me so excited to start planning lots of outdoor activities but before I turn my thoughts to spring, I thought I'd look back one last time at our winter bucket list and see how we did.

1.  Make Snowmen-- Check!  It took well into the end of February but we finally got enough snow to make a mini snowman.

2.  Go sledding--
Nope; we never got enough snow to try!

3.  Visit the Yankee Candle Flagship store again -- Check! We had a great day of shopping and bought so much more this year.

4.  Make Christmas Cookies-- Check!  This year we didn't go crazy baking up cookie tins but we did bake a few different kinds of cookies like our chocolate and mint chocolate chip cookies.

5.  Visit Amarante's Winter Wonderland and see the lights- Check! We went Thanksgiving weekend and it was wonderful!  The weather wasn't too cold and it wasn't crowded at all.  This family has an amazing display of Christmas lights.

6.  Watch Elf and/or other holiday movies-- Check!  We watched Elf Thanksgiving night and have watched a few other movies too including Netflix's new Christmas Chronicles.

7.  Make homemade marshmallows-- Check! They were actually pretty easy to do (if  bit time consuming) and the boys all swore they were better than store bought.

8.  Go on a winter hike--
Check! We went out hiking quite a bit this winter... when I typed this I had meant in the snow but we still hadn't had any snow by the middle of January and we had been hiking almost daily for a few weeks.  We even pried a few frozen letterboxes out of their hiding place!

9.  Make a bird feeder of some sort-- Check! We made these fun bird feeders out of orange rinds and string.


10.  Bake up some homemade cinnamon rolls--
Check! Alec and I spent a day in the kitchen making some homemade cinnamon rolls; I don't know what happened but as good as they were they were nowhere near as good as the last time we made them.

11.  Enjoy a roaring fire in the fireplace-- Check! We actually did this quite a few times all throughout the winter.  I just love a nice warm fire going.

12.  Decorate the house for Christmas-- Check!  We spent a day decking the halls and Evan, myself and my husband designed and made some new stocking holders out of metal.

13.  See one of the Newport Mansions all decked out for the holidays- Check! We toured the Elms and oh my... those decorations were AMAZING!  I told the boys we'll have to make a plan to tour a different mansion for Christmas next year.

14.  Make paper snowflakes and paper chains- Check ?!  I made paper snowflakes and offered to do them with the boy along with making paper chains but no one wanted to... so I sat down and made some myself!

15.  Decorate a "gingerbread" house of some sort-- Check! We ended up making a really adorable log cabin using pretzel rods, gingersnap cookies and leftover Halloween candy.

16.  Watch the sunrise outside with some hot cocoa in hand--
I could give this one 1/2  a check as we watched many sunrises over the lake with some hot cocoa in hand but we elected to stay indoors.

17.  Make snow ice cream--
Nope!  (again no real snow!)

18.  Try stringing popcorn and cranberries for the bushes outside--Check! We only managed to string one longish strand each but we did get one whole bush decorated.  It was actually easier than I remembered from my own childhood.

19.  Try snowshoeing!--
Nope!  We need 6 inches of snow to try this out and have not yet had that. 

20.  Try a winter themed science experiment of some sort--
Check! We compared the amount of water in snow to the amount of water in ice.

I'm pretty impressed with how well we did and since it's snowing as I type this and we're supposed to get over a foot of snow before the storm moves on we just might get around to a few more of these items before spring!


  1. Great list! We started out with a very impressive snow storm and then nothing but tons of rain for the rest of the winter. I think the Newport mansion tour was amazing.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Well, we woke up to over 14" on the ground this morning and it's still supposed to snow for another couple of hours. As long as the weather stays pretty decent for a few days I'm pretty sure we can cross off the rest of those bucket list items!

  2. This brings back so many memories for me of winter activities with my 4 boys. Sigh . . .
    I've done some of these with my grandson!

    1. It's getting harder and harder to find thing they want to participate with!

  3. You had a great winter! I love the cranberry/popcorn strings and the orange bird feeders you made. The birds outside your house will thank you!

    1. We did have a pretty great winter. :) We're always trying to feed the birds and entice them into our yard. They're such a refreshing pop of color during the long dull winter.

  4. It's kind of crazy that we got more snow than you! We made snow ice cream during one snow storm! You did great on your list though!

    1. Yep, today is the first time we've woken up to more than 3" of snow all winter. We're hoping to finish checking the rest of the items off the list by week's end since we now have a whopping 16" outside!

  5. You really did a lot this winter. That mansion! Oh my is right! Thanks for linking up with Hello Monday! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road

    1. The mansions are amazing but I just LOVED all those decorations and lights. I can not wait to tour another one.

  6. Y'all are on fire!! You did so many things! And most of the things you couldn't do were out of your control anyway because of the weather! Great job!

    1. Yeah, I was pretty proud of us that the only ones we really didn't get around to was totally the fault of the weather.

  7. Looks like you had an amazing Winter!

    1. Thanks! We sure did try and make the most of it.


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