Friday Favorites-- The Week We Made Spaghetti Bridges

We had a pretty good week.  We worked on a lot of fun schooling projects and spent some time playing in our first "real" snowstorm of the winter.  We actually got so much snow that the towns had a very hard time keeping up with the road plowing!  Sadly our cat slipped out the door before the storm started and we've not seen him since.  We're still hopeful he'll turn up as it's not the first time he's gone missing but each passing day makes it seem less likely he'll return unscathed.  On a more positive note we had TWO family movie days this week!  It's so rare for us all to sit and watch a movie together now that the boys are getting older and I enjoy any time we all spend together.

Friday Ian made waffles for everyone for breakfast and then cooked up batch of banana bread in the afternoon.  I just love seeing my boys hard at work in the kitchen; especially when they no longer need my help!

The boys all made models of the Earth's layers for science.  They each picked their own project and rarely needed any help from me.

The sun was shining and it was warmish out; enough so that we all went for a walk in the afternoon.

Alec and I sat down to work on some drawing. He asked if we could draw a Pok√©mon character with our new chalk pastel pencils.  I was so happy to spend some one on one time with him and have a new project for the Virtual Refrigerator arts and crafts link up I host.

Saturday we woke to snow covering the ground and while Ian went to work with his grandfather the younger boys and I stayed home.  I cooked up a new Italian Turkey soup in the crock pot with some fresh bread in the breadmaker. After dinner we settled in for a family movie night: Wreck It Ralph 2.

The lake looked so neat with low lying fog in the early morning

Sunday we ended up going to the movies as a family to see the new How to Train Your Dragon 3-- it was such an adorable movie!!  After we went out to dinner at Red Robin.

Monday we woke to a good 14" of snow and it was still snowing!  It's the first huge snowstorm we've gotten this year and the towns were not prepared for it.  Some roads hadn't been plowed at all and we geared up for a possible power outage since there was a lot of wet heavy snow clinging to all the tree branches.

Tuesday I challenged the boys to make a bridge using spaghetti, tape, elastic bands and hot glue-- they really rose to the challenge! Ian's bridge just blew me away!!

Evan's Bridge

Alec's bridge

Ian's bridge
Wednesday we tried a pretty cool plate tectonics demonstration and by far the best part was eating the graham crackers after they were coated in frosting-- YUM!

Thursday we finished our schoolwork so early that we surprised my husband by showing up at his work and taking him to lunch.  When we got home we made a lava cake to go along with our science unit on the Earth and then Alec and I made up an idea jar.  He wants to start baking and cooking more so we filled a jar with project ideas; on each slip of paper we wrote things like muffins, cookies, cake, bagels, etc.  Each week he'll pick a slip of paper, find a recipe in that category, and make a new food.  He's very excited!

How was your week? 


  1. What a great week! You guys were so busy

  2. I love the baking idea jar! Plus you're going to have lots of sweet treats around. That's a win-win for sure. Unless you have a hard time with moderation, like me. Lol! Thanks for always inspiring us at #LiveLifeWell.

    1. I do have a problem with moderation!! He wanted to bake up something all the time last year and I wouldn't let him make something every week but we did try to come up with a list that includes things like bread, bagels, etc. so we're not totally on sugar overload. Plus we're going to be trying harder recipes and that means that we might have some weeks where what we're trying to make is a total flop. I need to get him over that fear of failure-- we all make mistakes now and then and throwing away a bit of food now and then is the least of it.

  3. I love graham crackers and frosting! Those spaghetti bridges are the coolest things!

    1. I was so thrilled with how those turned out... I was stumped and not sure how to make it work so I was pretty impressed when they all just dug right in. Ian always blows my mind when he's building and constructing.

  4. Those spaghetti bridges look amazing! I'm so sorry about your cat. I would be devastated if anything happened to my kitty. I hope he returns home.

    1. I hope so too but it is not looking good. :(

    2. He just came back!! I can not believe he looks perfectly fine after being gone for a week and a half!


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