10 Things I Say On Repeat

It's the 10th of the month and time for another 10 on the 10th.  This month we're talking about all the things we say over and over all day long.  As a mom there are a million things I feel like I say all the time.  Sometimes I think a tape recorder of my voice would be all my kids would need to keep going.

1.  Get out of the pantry (or maybe get away from the food)

2.  We just ate _____ (fill in the blank with the last meal or snack we just finished eating as they insist they're starving)

3.  Who's ______ is this?  (Fill in the blank with whatever object I just found lying around the house)

4.  Leave your brother alone

5.  Did you finish all of your schoolwork?

6.  The dishwasher is clean (or I might say the dishes are dirty; if they're putting dirty dishes in the sink)

7.  Who's turn is it to  _____ (fill in blank with the name of whatever chore I'm trying to get done at the moment)--

8.  Keep your hands to yourself

9.  Do you have your ____ (fill in the blank with anything they need to bring with us if we're leaving the house for any reason)

10.  Turn off that screen and _____ (usually the blank is filled in with do your schoolwork, or do your chores but it can vary).

Ok... so maybe a tape recorder wouldn't work since there are slight variations to what I say but I bet I could make it work.

How about you?  Are there things you feel like you say and over and over again?


  1. Ha! I'm always saying you just had breakfast! when the kids want a snack. Also get off of him is on my list too! My husband got tired of telling the kids what was for dinner, so he recorded himself on his phone and played it for them! (he made it say Brussels sprouts, which wasn't true).

    1. They seem to ask me ALL day long.. and by dinner (as I'm cooking it) they all stumble back in asking again!!

  2. With only one child home full time, a number of these are extinct, but #5--definitely!

    1. Though I do have to admit my boys are getting so good at getting their work done quickly and without many reminders.

  3. This is such a good idea for a blog post and I am all about random, so I may do this!
    I say almost all those things each day as well except insert girl for boy. :)

  4. I loved this list! SOOO true about staying away from the pantry. My Emily Grace would eat a snack every hour on the hour if I let her! Have a great day!

    1. Yes! And yet when I tell them they can eat a fruit or a vegetable they're suddenly not that hungry.


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