Encouraging Hearts and Home- First Week of February

My boys have really been hitting the books lately and I am amazed at all that we are able to cover in a day!  In the last few weeks we've covered more than 4 chapters in science, finished off two math books, are just pages away from finishing up their grammar books and have read so many geography and history books it's mind boggling!  It's weeks like these that keep us going through those not so great weeks.  February is always a tough month for me though as the cold, gray days really start getting to me.  I'm hoping to plan at least an outing a week (weather permitting) that will help us enjoy our month.

Do you find any one month to be harder to get through than others?

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A few of my favorites:
21 Ways to Stuff a Spaghetti Squash by Crystal and Co. -- I have been trying to cook healthier and eat more veggies!

Keeping Active During the Winter by Forgetful Momma-- We are always looking for way to get in some movement when it's so cold outside.

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  1. Thanks for sharing my post from last week. I always have lots of book recommendations to share. :) And I've since started a couple more good ones. lol.

    I remember February being a hard month for us too when we were in our homeschooling years. At least it's a short month. Hope you can find some good outings to make it through!

    1. You're welcome! I too am an avid reader.

      And yes, I am always thankful that February is a short month (even if it can sometimes feel like the longest)


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