Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Made our Cell Models

We had a pretty boring week.  Not much out of the ordinary happened and that's OK.  We like quiet weeks every now and then.  We did get out on a few hikes and to celebrate my mom's birthday.  My husband an I even went out on a date!  Mostly though we sat around the house working on craft projects, working on our school books, and spoiling the cat.

Evan really enjoyed eating his bacteria model!

The boys and I planned on hiking Friday since the weather was nice.  They all worked on a bit of schoolwork and we did some housework before heading out.  We hiked at Purgatory Chasm (around the chasm since the actual chasm gets closed in the winter months) for 30 or so minutes.  We only managed a short hike since it was afternoon by the time we arrived and we still needed to get groceries.  After a quick stop at the store we headed home and unpacked.  I had started a chicken chowder in the crock pot and just had to put the finishing touches on it for dinner.  I even found a bit of time to sit, relax, and read my book!

The chicken chowder was amazing! 

Saturday we had a birthday party for my mom at her house.  It was a rainy yucky day and it was nice to spend the afternoon with family laughing, talking, and having fun.

I managed to finish up 3 more scrapbooking pages on Sunday right before my husband and I headed our for our 2nd official date of the year!  We went to see Aquaman, wandered around the bookstore for a bit and then had dinner at Longhorn steakhouse.

The boys had a full day of school on Monday and once everyone was done with their work we went to search for a few letterboxes at one of our local parks.  We ended up walking for almost 2 hours!  We found 5 of the 10 letterboxes and decided to save the other 5 for another day.

We woke to just a sprinkling of snow on Tuesday.  Alec had karate and my mother in law was taking the two other boys to breakfast at Dunkin Donuts.  It ended up being a chilly, drizzly day and I told the boys they could play screens when their schoolwork was done.  Ian has been working with his new airbrush.  We set him up with an area in the basement where he can paint and assemble his models.

He is so happy to have a place to spread out! I'm happy the mess is in the basement.  
Wednesday we really tackled our schoolwork.  The boys worked on just about every subject there was.. even if the cat did want to lay on their books for a bit of extra attention.  The boys sure did not mind.

We spent most of our day in the kitchen on Thursday.  Alec is having some friends over for a mini birthday party on Friday and wanted to make cupcakes.  We're going to have the kids decorate their own so we also mixed up 4 different colors of frosting.  All three boys made cell models too.  Alec baked up a large rectangle sugar cookie while Ian chose to make a yummy pizza and Evan just modified a Twinkie.  They were educational and quite yummy (I'll have a full post up on the blog about these)! We had snow flurries much of the day but not accumulation and in the late afternoon Alec, Evan and myself all went outside for some fresh air and exercise (Ian opted to stay in and use the elliptical).

Evan's Bacterial Cell

Ian's plant cell is ironically made up of mostly meat products

Alec's sugary sweet plant cell. 

How was you week?


  1. That chicken chowder looks amazing. I love what you did with the cell walls. Have the best weekend!

    1. It was soo good! We took the recipe right off of Simply Stacie's website only I substituted a bag of mixed veggies for the carrots since I didn't have any on hand.

  2. I absolutely ADORE that you still scrapbook. I scrapbooked for years and then it just became too much work for me. I missed that creative outlet and that's why I ended up starting a blog! I would love to see more of your pages!

    1. I had given it up for a good year but realized I missed it. I'm slowly trying to set some time aside each week to scrapbook. But I'll be honest; nothing motivates me to scrapbook nearly as much our family trips to Disney.

  3. Looks like a very busy and creative week :)

    Thanks for sharing at Welcome To The #Weekendbloghop

  4. Quiet weeks with reading and cats are great every now and again. And date nights are always a good idea!! Those cells are fantastic!

    1. I was amazed at how well those cells came out!

  5. so interesting that all the cells were made differently. Your clam chowder... served on buns OR was it in a bread soup bowl?


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