Christmas Themed Chapter Books for Older Kids Who Still Believe

Each year my boys and I used to put aside all of their schoolwork and focus on Christmas.  We'd read two or three picture books a day, try out a new recipe each week (or day), watch a Christmas movie together, and make some fun Christmas themed crafts and gifts.

Last year the boys all informed me that they're getting to old for picture books and so I was left scrambling for some fun books we could read together.

With three believers in the house I had  to carefully vet the possible chapter books we'd be reading so I didn't inadvertently ruin Christmas for anyone.

After a bit of searching I thought I'd put a list together of Christmas themed chapter books for reading aloud with older kids and their younger siblings.

The Forgotten Helper: A Christmas Story-- Aben, a mischievous elf is accidentally left behind one year when helping Santa deliver the presents.

A Boy Called Christmas-- 11 year old Nikolas always receives a carved turnip doll for Christmas but he doesn't mind because he loves his family and knows that's all they can afford.  One day his father goes missing and Nikolas sets off to find him.  He befriends a reindeer along the way and finds his way to the enchanting elf village Elfheim.   Filled with adventure we really enjoyed this book.

Reindeer DO Wear Striped Underwear-- We found this delightful book at our local library. While at the zoo on a school field trip the kids from the Baily School spy a reindeer pen and a man who looks suspiciously like Santa Claus.

The Naughty List--  When Bobbie accidentally lands her brother on Santa's naughty list she must travel to the north pole to make things right again.  With a lazy Santa, rogue elves and dysfunctional reindeer this book was a riot!

Father Christmas and Me-- Amelia lives in Elfheim and loves living where Santa keeps his workshop and makes all the Christmas magic happen. Then one day a very jealous Easter Bunny shows up and launches an attack to ruin Christmas.  Amelia, her family, and the elves must fight off the evil bunny.

The Christmasaurus-- When Santa finds a frozen egg that has been preserved for thousands of years in the ice he decides to sit on it and see what will hatch.  He would never in a million years have guessed that he'd find a dinosaur inside.  Meanwhile William has only ever wished for one thing at Christmas; a dinosaur.  Santa accidentally gives William the real dinosaur instead of the stuffed replica he had intended and William is thrilled... until an evil hunter decides William's dinosaur is just what he needs.

Top Elf--  Ollie and Celia know everything about Elf life until the year that Santa rocks the North Pole with the announcement that he's going to retire. Instead of turning over the whole operation to his son Santa is holding a contest to see who will be the best to take over his job.

Nutcracked- I'm hearing that this is a great book, especially for those ballet fans.  In this book Georgie finally lands the role to play Clara in the Nutcracker ballet.  Then Georgie realizes that each time she dances with the Nutcracker doll she finds she leaves the ballet studio behind and find herself in the magical world of the Nutcracker.  But as the magic begins seeping into the real world Georgie must work to save her friends, the Nutcracker and herself before Christmas.  

The Girl Who Saved Christmas-- Amelia was the first child to ever receive a Christmas present and her belief and hopes help give Santa extra magical powers.  But when Amelia's mom gets sick and she had to take a grueling job her hope begins to fade and with it Santa's powers begin to dwindle.
Santa realizes something is wrong and sets out to find Amelia with the help of a few unlikely friends.

The Last Holiday Concert-- Hart Evans is the most popular kid in school and most of the teachers let him get away with anything.  One day Hart hits the choir director with a rubber band during practice and the director (who had already learned he was going to be out of job due to budget cuts) tells the class they can produce their own holiday concert and leaves it all to Hart.  Hart soon finds out that being popular and being a leader are not always the same thing and that he really does want the concert to be wonder and he does not wan it to be the last one.  

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  1. I just love Andrew Clements. Gotta add this one to my pile!

  2. I haven't heard of ANY of these. How is this possible? :) Definitely will be checking some of these out! Thank you for the recommendations.


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