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My Boys' December Books

With only two full weeks of school in December and lots of holiday fun abound my boys didn't have a whole lot of time to read this month. As they read more challenging books I am finding that the quantity of books being read each month is slowly dwindling but as all three really challenged themselves this month to read books that they might not have attempted even a few short months ago I am quite please with those books they did manage to read. Seven Wonders: The Curse of the King -- in book 4 Jack and his friends face their greatest challenge yet; finding the lost statue of Zeus and unlocking it's ancient secrets. Wings of Fire Book 2 The Lost Heir -- Alec got Evan hooked on this series of books and he slowly read his way through the whole book independently!!  I can now officially say I have three independent readers. Pacific Vortex-- Ian finished up his first full adult novel and enjoyed this Dirk Pitt adventure book so much he's asked me to request t

52 Week Reading Challenge

If you follow my blog at all regularly you know I read-- A LOT.  So when I saw the 52 Week Reading Challenge put out by Natural Beach Living I knew this would be a perfect way to get myself to read lots of new genres and books.  I knew I'd have no problem reading 52 books (in fact I read more than 80 book this year!) but wasn't sure I could actually find a book for each category that I could actually get through.  1.  A book being made into a movie this year-- Between Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys   I knew I just HAD to see the movie as soon as it came out!  I LOVED this book.  I read a lot about World War II and while I have heard so much about the German concentration camps I could not believe that I had never heard about the Russian work camps.  In this book a young Lithuania girl and her family are taken away the Russian police and forced to work in camps in Siberia-- for 10 years!  If you read this you must read the author's note too; I learned so much about