Weekly Wrap- Up:Tackling Our School Work

We had another fabulous week! We managed to get lots of schoolwork done and we went hiking not one, not two, but three whole times this week.  I just love fall hiking with all the pretty colors around. But my favorite time this week had to be date night with my husband.  How was your week?

Our cat had an appointment at the vet's office on Friday and we had plans to meet up with our group to hike afterwards.  The boys got themselves all ready nice and early and the younger two even came with me to the vet's.  Alec made time to work on Duolingo; he is just LOVING teaching himself French using this program.  Evan read every chance he got all day long and managed to finish up the Wings of Fire graphic novel he started the day before.  We had beautiful weather for hiking and the fall colors were bursting everywhere we looked.

Saturday Ian headed off to work and I honestly am not sure what the younger boys did for the day; they probably spent the day playing video games.  I was hard at work creating some beautiful ornaments for a blogger ornament exchange I'm participating in (I can't show you those pictures just yet but they are coming!).  My first idea didn't turn out so well and I had to run back to the craft store for totally different supplies when I changed my idea.  I had really wanted to try my hand at making glass etched ornaments using the cricut and while I did finally get a few ornaments I liked I had much more fun making colorful ornaments using the cricut.

Since my ornaments took up the whole day on Saturday I decided to at least start making my Christmas cards on Sunday.  I, once again, locked myself in my room and I was loving the cards I was creating!  Ian was off at work with his grandfather and the younger two boys decided to play a bunch of board games together.  My mother in law came over to make dinner for the boys while my husband and I went out for dinner a movie date night.  We saw A Star Is Born and despite all the reviews I just didn't like it at all. But we had a wonderful time just being together and our dinner was delicious!

We tackled a lot of schoolwork on Monday.  The boys all worked on reading, math, & writing.  Alec and Ian worked on Duolingo while Evan worked on spelling.  We read a few picture books together and made some homemade pumpkin donuts.  During lunch we watched another How the States Got their Shape episode and then Alec and I finished up his yarn pumpkin.  We took a nice long walk along the road and through the woods and then I declared our school day done.

We had another rainy Tuesday and aside from a bit of math, reading, and Duolingo work before Alec's karate class we didn't have anything planned for our afternoon.  Evan and I did manage a small walk in between showers while Ian chose to exercise in the basement instead.  Evan did help me make some yummy cookie butter puppy chow using this recipe and I must admit it's every bit as good as it looks and sounds!

I was up early and at the grocery store first thing on Wednesday.  After putting all the groceries away the boys and I dug into their schoolwork.  They worked on reading, math, writing, and spelling/ foreign language.  After a quick lunch Alec had an appointment for a physical and we found out that he's already 5' 6.5" tall and he's not even officially a teenager yet!  After the doctor's appointment we all learned a bit more about chemical bonds and followed up our school day with a quick round of Ion.

We had friends coming over for a kitchen chemistry experiment on Thursday so I only asked the boys to work a bit on math, writing and reading.  The older two boys decided to work on Duolingo a bit too.  We had great fun exploring the reactions between various household items like salt water, lemon juice, vinegar, milk, baking soda, etc. and then after our friends left we enjoyed lunch and I took all the boys hiking.  We have been wanting to go letterboxing and I found a nearby park that had 9 letterboxes on the same trail!  We managed to find 8 of them and the younger two boys were thrilled.

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  1. Those doughnuts..YUM!! And your scenery is just so darn beautiful!

    1. They were delicious! I asked my husband to take all the rest to work so I wouldn't be tempted to eat them all.

  2. Love, love, LOVE the fall trees in your pictures! And each time I see you use your donut pan, I think about how I just need one!!! Yum!

    1. Thanks; we are loving the bright colors... though I think they'll be mostly gone after this weekend as we're being hit with massive rain and high winds.

  3. Donut recipe?? I looked at a star is born and suspected I would dislike it. Today i had a lovely day out with my sweetheart. It's been a while so,it was so good to do.

  4. Looks like a great fun filled week with lots of learning. Those Christmas baubles are beautiful.

    Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop. Have a great weekend and we hope to see you soon.

    1. Thanks! I had a bit of difficulty getting the etching to show up on the ornaments but I was determined to figure it out.


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