Leaf Resist Art

Thanks for stopping by and joining us again this week as we host another virtual refrigerator arts and crafts link up.

It's not always easy coming up with fun and new art ideas.  But Alec has asked for a bit more art in our school days and I'm trying to accommodate him. 

The boys and I went around the yard and picked leaves; of all shapes, sizes and textures for a simple art project that I thought they'd enjoy.  

We put down a tablecloth, arranged the leaves on our papers to see how they'd fit, and settled down to paint.

We removed the leaves and began to saturate our watercolor paper with water and drops of liquid watercolors; trying to cover up the whole paper with watery watercolors.

We tried to work as quickly as possible so that the paint would still be wet when we put down our leaves.  Our hope was that the leaves would leave imprints in the paint and give our watercolors interesting shapes and colors.

Since the leaves didn't seem to want to stick in place we then went over the leaves themselves with just a bit of water and then set aside our paintings to dry overnight.

We got some mixed results and we weren't sure if we were happy with them or disappointed in them...

Every now and then we could see a definite leaf imprint but mostly we were left with blobs of colors

Do you have a favorite fall/ leaf art project?

Now without further ado I invite you to grab a "magnet" and link up your arts and crafts posts below and visit some other bloggers to see what they shared on their refrigerators.

Your art project doesn't need to be a stand alone post, nor does it need to be a tutorial.  We love day in the life posts or homeschooling wrap- ups that show art work too! 

So what do you have to share with us?

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  1. Good idea! Too bad it didn't work the way you'd hoped, but it looks like it was a fun experiment. They look a little like batik. :-)

    1. I thought they turned out pretty neat but it's hard not to be a bit disappointed when an art project doesn't turn out how you hoped it would.

  2. That is a neat idea. It looks like a lot fun :)

  3. I think they turned out pretty well! I would have never thought of this. I am not very creative in the arts and science departments!!

    1. Aw, thanks! I actually find a lot of my inspiration on Pinterest.

  4. They look great to me. If you try to recreate the same experience on canvas, you’ll get some nice wall decor pieces too.
    Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party this week!

    1. Yeah, that would be really neat to try on canvas.


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