Our School "room"-- A Homeschooling House Tour

I have written many times about where we "do school" and how we don't feel the need for a school room because the whole world is our classroom but I realized that I have never shown you how we set up our house to work best for homeschooling.

Each year the set up changes slightly as my boys get older and leave more toys, games, and manipulatives behind.

Here is how we set up our schooling this year for our three middle and high school boys.

My boys choose to do most of their work at the kitchen table but can be found curled up on the couch or in a chair reading a book.

We store their workbooks on a shelf near the computer and they each have a bookcase in their room for whatever books they are independently reading.  We don't use ALL of these workbooks each day or even each year but I will buy ahead and store supplies for the next year or for reference.

We have a book basket filled with books from our library that we use mostly for science, geography, and history and keep that on hand next to our computer table as well.  I always store the library bag right behind the basket so when they're done reading they can put the book in the bag for returning.

In the kitchen we have a large pantry and store most of our arts, crafts, and science experiment supplies there.

On the very bottom of the pantry I also keep a hanging file bin with each of the boys' old schoolwork (though we did just go through and they all decided to get rid of EVERYTHING in them so we'll begin filling them up again this year).

We have two different game closets; mostly because we had so many board games they could not all fit in just one.  We pull out these games frequently during our schoolwork and like to keep them nearby.  I also keep them stored on their sides so they're easy to grab and replace without disturbing other games.

It may seem like things are scattered around the house but that's what works for us. I gave a lot of thought to whether or not we'd get much use out of an actual schoolroom when we first began schooling but realized I wanted the boys to know that learning happens everywhere not just in one dedicated room or space.

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  1. Love your set up. Smart way to store games and I love the idea of having the library bag right there, so no items get lost.

    We share the same philosophy, the world is our classroom!

    1. Thank you! We had problem with lost library books in the beginning and having the bag right there has helped a lot.

  2. Great tour! I love the game closets.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. Thanks! It has saved so much room in our closets and have helped us avoid those towering piles of games.

  3. Can you come do my home?!?!?! Looks great!


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