Our Day at the Newport Car Museum

We had a wonderful time at the Newport Car Museum!  While the main focus of the museum is obviously all of the beautiful cars they did have lots of neat modern furniture to check out and a super fun driving simulator that all three of my boys just loved. 

We lucked out that we went to visit on their "hoods up" weekend so we could see inside all of the engines.  The self- guided tour starts with this Lamborghini

I loved the sliding door feature on this car
 They had some older model cars too and I just loved the colorful interiors.

Alec and Evan tried out every seat in the place!  Can you tell Alec is NOT a "car guy?"

Evan and I had great fun comparing the prices listed on all the cars.

I just loved the Road Runner decal on this one!

Evan's favorite car was actually this electric hybrid and we read that they had to add in an engine sound since the car runs so silently under 40 mph and they wanted to make sure pedestrians would hear it coming.

The Urkelmobile!  Does anyone else remember Steve Urkel driving this on the show Family Matters?

The younger two boys kept waiting to find the driving simulator room and were thrilled when they finally got a turn to drive. 

I can tell Alec just started because his car didn't look anything like this at the end.. it was all smashed up!  

The most expensive car on display was over $900,000!!

Do you have a favorite?

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  1. Yeah, it's safe to say my boys would be oohing and ahhhing over these cars!! How fun!

    1. It was a lot of fun. I'm not usually a car person but they had so many beautiful ones.

  2. Me and Evan ahve the same taste - I love that white electric car! Beautiful!

  3. How fun!! But seriously....the Urkiele-mobile!! Awesome!! LOL

    1. Adorable isn't it? I didn't realize just how small it was until I saw it in person.

  4. Funny, I thought I had commented here earlier but my comment isn't showing!? Perhaps it ended in your spam box?

    Looks like a fun museum! I'm not much of a car person myself but I know hubby and my boys would love to see the cars.


    1. I'm not much of a car person either but this museum did a great job with presentation.


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