What My Boys Have Been Reading in July

We have been having a great summer and while we have had some fun with reading our list isn't quite as long as usual this month.

Breaker Boy-- My boys and I really enjoyed this book about what life was like living in a coal mining town in Pennsylvania.  Corey drops out of school to help support his family and finds work as a breaker boy in the same mine where his father works.  When there's a cave in Corey hopes he can help save his dad who is trapped.

Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods-- We began listening to this book on Cd (and while we have yet to finish it) we have really enjoyed listening so far.  Gregor, his mother, and boots head down to the underland to try and help with the outbreak of a plague when Gregor's mother comes into contact with the plague.  Gregor is left to help the all the underland characters find a cure so he can return safely to the overland with his family.

Trials of Apollo book 3-- Apollo, Meg, Grover, Piper all head into the Labyrinth to try and find the final evil Roman Emperor that Apollo must battle.  Along the way they get help from friends like Lego, Jason, Coach Hedge, and his cloud nymph wife Mellie.

Hades Speaks-- Hades takes the reader through a tour of the underworld and explain how the kingdom came to be, how they honor the dead, and tells a few jokes too.

Book Scavenger-- Alec said this book reminded him of the 39 Clues hunt; part adventure book part mystery he really enjoyed it.  When Emily's favorite author Garrison Griswold is attacked, her and her friend James discover a book that they believe was written by Griswold.  The book appears to be the next installment in Griswold's Book Scavenger game and both Emily and James rush to discover each clue hoping to discover who attacked Griswold in the first place.

Hit the Road, Helen-- Hades is here to set the story straight about the Trojan War and it's not all Helen's fault like Zeus says.

August Acrobat-- In the 8th book of the Calendar Mystery series the traveling circus is coming to town.  However, the circus needs the kids help to update and refresh their acts.  Who is behind the new high wire act though?  The kids must find thew new acrobat to save the show.

Mr. Sunny is Funny-- AJ and his family are on vacation at the beach when his friends from school show up.  They run into Mr. Sunny, the local lifeguard who talks to sand and acts a bit funny.


Mrs. Dole is Out of Control-- AJ and his friends are graduating second grade and Ms. Dole (the PTA president) is out of control with the crazy graduation she pulls together for the kids of Ella Mentary school.

The Chosen Ones-- Alec was so thrilled to find this second book in the Worldquake series at the bookstore and began reading it later that same night.  Effie and her friends embark on another quest to save their world from evil.  Kicked out of magic class, Effie hopes to find a copy of the book The Chosen Ones that should help make everything all better. Only problem is that all the copies of the book are slowly disappearing.

Have your kids been reading any great books lately?

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