Weekly Wrap- Up: Our First Beach Trip of the Year!

We had two or three days with temps in the mid to upper 80's and even reaching into the low 90's so we just knew we had to take a trip to the shoreline.  We really enjoyed the sunshine and warm temps since we knew they wouldn't last.

The boys finished up their schoolwork rather quickly on Friday.  At this point in the year the older two boys just have a week or so left of their math books and we're actually working on next year's writing curriculum just to have something to do. The younger boys and I planted some seeds before I had to leave with Alec to go to the orthodontists office.  Evan and I had spent much of the morning watching our birds.  We saw a male cardinal feeding a female cardinal!  By the time Alec and I arrived home it was pouring out and we all decided to just spend an afternoon watching TV and playing video games.

Saturday Ian spent the whole day helping his father and grandfather fix one of the septic lines.  They dug up the road, laid new pipe and then filled it all back in.  He worked in the loader, the excavator and even had to use a shovel quite a few times.  It was a beautiful spring day so the younger two boys played outside just about all day.

On Sunday, Alec worked with his father in the forge making a key holder.  Evan played outside for a bit and found a baby snapping turtle near the lake.  Ian was gone the whole day with his grandfather.  Once we came inside to get dinner ready Alec decided to make some chocolate chip cookies and Evan made some Chex mix.  Ian came home after dinner and finished putting his Batmobile together.

The boys and I played a new game on Monday called Explore the 50 States.  It was a lot of fun.  They also worked on some math and did some reading.  We cleaned the upstairs and after lunch Ian asked if we could clean through the toy bins outside.  The next thing I knew we had the whole patio cleaned off, brought all the patio furniture outside, and had cleaned the basement too!

Alec had karate on Tuesday and I spent that time shopping.  I bought new cushions and rugs for outside, a few plants, and finally decided to buy those items for the mantle that I kept talking myself out of.  It's the first time in over a year (since we installed our new mantle) that I can honestly say I just LOVE it!  We had a sunny afternoon and the boys and I put out all the garden decorations; I even got Ian to spray paint a few of them that I might otherwise have tossed for being all faded and rusty looking.  Alec spent quite a lot of time in his room listening to his book on CD and coloring. He finished up Son of Neptune and moved onto listening to the Mark of Athena.  After dinner Ian and my husband were heading out fishing and then realized they needed to fix the canoe first.

It looks so pretty now that I can't believe I was going to throw it away!

Wednesday morning Ian finished up his math book entirely and as soon as each boy finished up their schoolwork we packed up our lunches and loaded up the car.  We began listening to a new book on Cd in the car; Gregor the Overlander (well, Alec has already read it but agreed to listen to it with us).  We arrived at the beach around 11 and met up with a good 9 or 10 other homeschooling families.  The water was freezing; not that it stopped most of the kids from going in at least a bit but there was a real nice breeze coming off the water and we all enjoyed a beautiful day of playing in the sand and on the rocks.

Crazy kids-- that water numbed my feet in seconds! It was freezing.  

We had nothing planned for Thursday and spent the day around the house.  We cleaned a bit, planted Ian's apple tree that he started growing from seed a few years ago, made some cinnamon bun cupcakes for Cinco de Mayo, and hung around outside.  Ian did a bit of fishing while Alec and Evan found an Antlion on our patio (yeah, I had no idea what that was either until I Googled it; apparently it is a bug that hides itself in the sand and then jumps out to snatch up it's prey which are ants that it then drags into it's hole and won't let escape).

Digging he hole for his apple tree

Evan found my camera lying around on the ground and scooped it up; taking a very rare photo of me

The antlion 

How was your week?

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  1. So many yeses here!! Cinnamon Bun cupcakes, can I have one for breakfast? Beach...you lucky lady, love me some beach time! You have the best nature pictures ever! Hope your weekend is as wonderful as you are! xo

    1. Thank you! It was so nice to hit the beach; we had the perfect weather for it too.

  2. What a great week. It's wonderful to have family so active in the kids lives.

  3. What a fantastic week. I love the snapping turtle. What a cutie. Your mantle is wonderful. LOVE IT!
    BLessings, Dawn

    1. He was cute; but we made sure not to get to close. We've learned that they move pretty fast when they need to.

  4. What a great and busy week. I so want to take my children to the beach now the weather has warmed up nicely :) Thanks so much for sharing your post with us at Welcome To The Weekend Blog Hop.

    1. It was a fun and busy week and the beach was definitely our highlight.


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