How To Smoke and Grill In A Healthy Manner

Today I have Oliver from Best Home Gears who shares a guest post about staying healthy while grilling and smoking meats and vegetables.

I don't know about you but I am ready to  break out the grill and enjoy those yummy summer foods.

It is very imperative for everyone to remain highly conscious of what they eat. Staying healthy doesn’t just mean you need to consume less, but eat right! It doesn’t have to be super complicated; you need to be in good physical shape while relishing your meals. There are no easy short-cuts. You need not follow a strict and restrictive regime.

There is no prerequisite to stop having grilled food! The best part is that not only are you going to relish appetizing food but it is going to be super healthy!

There are several benefits to smoking your meat! You shouldn’t shy away from enjoying smoked food, once in a while.

Grilling and smoking help vegetables to retain antioxidants and nutrients which are lost during the process of boiling and poaching. Lastly, the naturally occurring fats in meat and other proteins melt out and drip away from the food when it is cooked.

Therefore, it is imperative to maintain a balance between consuming smoked or grilled food. People should make the most out of their food while being health conscious.

Studies suggest that the vegetables can retain more minerals and vitamins if they are grilled. Especially with all the veggies with low water content. It is a good decision to wrap your veggies in tin foil or just place it on top of your grill, in this way it is nutritionally beneficial than boiling or frying. Don’t forget to add zucchini and few peppers to have a blast in your mouth. You don’t have to feel guilty for enjoying this delicacy.

 According to some doctors, it is much healthier to switch to gas than charcoal. Since charcoal contains cancer-causing ingredients. It is a cleaner way to cook, you also evade the possible harmful exposure of a well-known carcinogen. It is recommended not to overcook the meat, and keep it away from smoke as much as possible.

Everybody loves meat glazed with maple syrup or honey. While it tastes absolutely delightful, it is also very healthy. The charcoal fumes are very dangerous and marinating meat can help eliminate chemicals, that’s why in fact electric smokers have gained popularity. You can go crazy with all kinds of fruit juices and syrups for marinating the meat.

Consuming smoked foods contain their nutrients and low-fat content. Foods that are usually smoked are proteins, and they have all of the advantages of high-protein foods in a form that many people enjoy eating. Smoking process is a fat-free form of enjoying the food. Actually, decreases the fats existing in the foods, as much of it dribbles down while being smoked.

Try experimenting with your food, get inspired! Try making a burger on the grill! Grab some whole-wheat buns from the store, turn the grill on high and add some sauce and veggies get to grilling!

The trick is to implement more vegetables in the recipes. Make sure, that meat serves the purpose of condiment in the recipe, whereas veggies are the main dish. You can replace beef with lean chicken, pork or tuna to make the dish much healthier.

An important means to acquire protein is by smoking eggs for protein-packed appetizers. You can also cold-smoke or hot-smoked salmon or other fish, which will make for an interesting and mouth-watering meal

If you are successful and skilled at grilling, there are fewer chances of overcooking food, which leaves you with juicy meat and yummy vegetables, since; the grill locks in moisture, there are fewer chances of adding butter. Thereby reducing calories and unhealthy food consumption.
Therefore, you can enjoy your food smoked and grilled and at the same time remain health-conscious. 

The only challenge is moderation, try not to devour excess of food that is smoked and grilled. But, don’t cut back completely. It's acceptable to have small portions of smoked and grilled food and appreciate it.

 Bon App├ętit!

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