7 Ways Games Can Help Your Kids in School

Most children spend their free time playing various games. Parents consider them as entertainment activities, but they really do educate your child, and help to study new things as well as develop their skills and habits. This is why many schools use the teaching methodology, main approach of which is a game. A game is the easiest way to engage a kid to study something. Today we will talk about seven positive ways how games can aid your baby to succeed in school as well as what motivates a child to do well in school.

1.      World discovery
Since early years, a kid learns and discovers the world with the help of a game. This way she/he is taught about the names of the objects, their functions and characteristics. We may even say that the cognitive system of any person is established this way. As a result, logic, thinking, memory and concentration are developing as well. Parents should help their children to meet this world and discover it by playing with them.
2.     Development of creative thinking  and imagination
When playing, a child animates objects and speaks for different characters. Do you remember the money from leaves or sand, which you have used as dough for your “cakes” when you were a child? This way kiddies develop their imagination, as this is the main aspect of any game. He also learns how to make creative solutions, thus, it is very important to buy toys that are not only realistic, but also make your babe think and fantasize.
3.     Physical development
Gaming also gives goodphysical education to your kid by running, jumping or playing with a ball. All these help to improve power, dexterity, muscle tone and better all moving skills. Of course, do not forget about writing skills, thus if your child needs research paper writing help, you can find various online writing services that can help you to cope with this.
4.     Speech
 As we have already told, a kid imitates the speech when animating a toy or another object of the game. What is more, if it is a group play, then a baby is learning how to speak, negotiate with his/her peers as well as follow the rules and assign roles. The first attempt to speak is developing when playing with parents, and then better when playing with the other children.

5.     Moral principles
By playing, the youth is learning how to feel sorry and compassion, be brave and honest together with experiencing such feelings as love, friendship and fear. Although all the games are based on imaginary stories, their final conclusions are always real. We all learn things and improve our skills when playing, thus parents should pay special attention to which games their kids play. You should distance your babies from cruel and violent ones though, especially video, which influences the youth greatly.
6.     Motivation
Motivation is what is helping children succeed in school too and it is also continually developed when playing games. Various role activities are based on imitation of the adult scenes of life, thus children try on the adult roles. This way the motivation to become an adult, create a family and get a job is created.
7.     Socialization
Playing with the peers helps a kid to socialize better with the other people. It is very important, particularly in the early stages of development, not to distance your babe from the other children, as they should have a real childhood. Do not panic when they fall and get a lump, as we all did it when we were young. Let your babies have their own experience and when they grow up, they will thank you.

Playing educational games is amidst the best ways to do better in school. Of course, we are not speaking of PC video ones, as they are very controversial, though they still have positive aspects too. Not long time ago, children used to play various indoor activities that are really good for the development of a child, but today the situation has changed drastically. Most parents just do not have enough time to spend with their kids, thus they prefer to let them stay alone with a PC, mobile phone or other gadgets. However, do not forget that time playing with a kid is never a waste. Moreover, each time we try to teach our children something new about life, they teach us what life is all about.

I hope you really enjoyed this guest post that was put together for us by Lisa Griffen.  

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  1. When we played Life recently, I was impressed with Simon's ability to give change and count his money. This definitely is a skill he can bring to school!

    1. My boys learned a lot of money skills from Life and Monopoly. We often have them play banker too to give them extra practice.

  2. This is such a good list! I now that through play we can teach a whole world of good to our children.


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