15 Picture Books About Making Maple Syrup

It's almost that time of year again!  We live in New England and typically anywhere from early February until late March it's sugaring season.

This is when all the sugar shacks start up production.  The sap flows best when it's freezing at night and we have warm sunny days.  It's not unusual to be driving down the road and see tap lines running from tree to tree on the side of the road.  We know that means it's maple syrup season.

Here are some really great books about making maple syrup.

1.  Sugarbush Spring

JENerally Informed


  1. These books look great! Our town has a syrup collecting nature field trip. These books would make it easy to have a fun unit :)

    1. How fun! We have a sugar shack near us that talked to us quite a bit about the process of sugaring but that's about it.


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