10 Netflix Shows I've Enjoyed Watching This Month

We got rid of cable at the end of last year and joined the Netflix bandwagon.

At first I had a hard time navigating the lists and finding shows to watch but I soon found many that I just loved.  But it does seem like every single time I find a show I love I end up binge watching it until I am once again left floundering for something to watch.

I have found some wonderful suggestions from other bloggers of shows I should watch so I thought I would share some of the shows and movies I am loving right now.

Here are 10 of my current favorites (not many of them are appropriate for kids though so be warned!):

1.  The Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce-- I don't think I'm even finished with season one but the antics of these women as they are trying to navigate through the waters of divorce really crack me up.  The women could not be more different and they were never friends until they all found themselves struggling through divorce, co- parenting, and dating again.

2.  Life in Pieces-- This show focuses on one family and is broken up into four different stories all in each show. The stories usually twine together in some way and I just love this family!  The mother is a therapist, the father a retired pilot and their grown children are trying to navigate life too with their families and significant others. They're sweet and funny and while a bit dysfunctional they really do love one another. (This show has been taken off Netflix but is still available through Hulu)

3.  Grace and Frankie-- I started watching this show last fall and was thrilled that a new season came out.  In the series opener Frankie and Grace learn that their husbands are not retiring from their law practice like the wives thought, but divorcing them to marry one another.  Uptight and straight laced Grace and funky, hippie, Frankie find themselves thrown together trying to put their lives to right.  The first few seasons fine Frankie and Grace becoming best friends despite themselves and both families really pull together to find a new dynamic that works for them all.  Since I don't often get to watch what I want on TV it took me a bit of time to get through the newest season and can I just say??...  I didn't like it as much.  I loved how light- hearted the show used to be and found this season to be a bit darker and kind of sad and depressing.

4.  Scandal-- My husband and I LOVED House of Cards and I thought this might be a close runner- up to it.  While I'm not sure if it hit that mark I have enjoyed watching quite a few episodes of Scandal.  Olivia used to work in the white house when she decides to strike out on her own.  She assembles a team of lawyers and helps other people clean up their lives, avoid arrest, and keep their reputations intact.

5.  Episodes--  I'll admit that it took me a good couple of episodes to fall in love with this Matt Leblanc comedy but I soon found myself binge watching episodes each afternoon while telling the family I was folding laundry... I mean I did fold laundry but it didn't take anywhere near the hour break I was using to do it.  When two British writers are talked into bringing their British comedy show to Hollywood they are totally unprepared for how Hollywood works.  Fake smiles, false assurances, and a bit of backstabbing find them writing a show that is NOTHING like the show they were recruited to write.

6.  Grey's Anatomy-- Yes, I realize I am probably the last person on the planet to "discover" this show but I am not one for hospital dramas.  I cringe when they show the operating scenes but I really am enjoying the play between characters and how can I resist Dr. McDreamy?  With 13 seasons on Netflix I will be watching this for quite some time and I am so glad!  When Grey begins her hospital residency at the hospital where her mother used to work she's not quite prepared for the grueling hours and tasks asked of a burgeoning surgeon but with the help of her fellow residence students she is determined to make it through.

7.  Jack Whitehall;Travels with My Father-- I've only watched a couple of episodes so far but am finding this father/ son duo to be quite comical.  Jack Whitehall decided that since he never had a gap year of travel he's going to do that now and take his father with him.  His father is the quintessential proper British man and has a hard time relating to his son and all the things he has planned for his gap year... especially since he doesn't like to travel in the first place.    Honestly, the dad is my favorite part of the show and I just love his attitude!

8.  When We First Met-- I stumbled upon this movie one night when my husband was sick and I was trying to sleep on the couch... I thought it was going to be a predictable, cheesy, love story and since I kind of like those I was game to give it a try.  While I can't say I LOVED it, I did think it was cute.  A boy meets a girl at a halloween party one night and falls in love with her.  10 years later he is st her engagement party to a different man and can not understand where he went wrong. He gets drunk and stumbles into a photo booth that magically transports him back to that night where he gets to try again and again to win over her heart.  It reminded me a bit of Groundhog's Day with Bill Murray but with a little twist or two in the story.

9. Walt Before Mickey-- I am a HUGE Disney fan and I loved this movie based on the actual life of Walt Disney.  I had no idea that he grew up on farm and struggled so much to make drawings/ cartoons/ movie pictures his life in an age when that wasn't all that popular.  (I would definitely watch this one with my boys if I could get them interested.  I think it really shows that hard work and determination can pay off).

10.  Wild Oats-- This movie was hilarious! When a retired school teacher accidentally gets a much larger life insurance payment after the death of her husband she does what most of us would do; she tries to get a hole of the company and let them know what happened.  But after getting the run around with their automated system her friend talks her into cashing it and they take off on the trip of a lifetime.

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