Snowflake Resist Paintings

I finally persuaded all the boys to do another art project with me.  We looked through Pinterest for some ideas and settled on making some snowflake resist paintings.

We pulled out our watercolor paper, oil pastels, liquid watercolors and brushes and set to work.

First we drew some snowflakes onto our watercolor paper with white oil pastels; it wasn't always to see the white on white but we knew that if we drew them in pencil first that our lines would show through the pastels and we didn't want that.

Nest we used our liquid watercolor paints to paint over them.

The oil pastels resisted the paint and our snowflakes really popped against the bold background colors we chose.

Evan and I decided to add a bit of salt to our paintings when they were wet to add just a bit more texture to our backgrounds.

The salt really starts to absorb the colored water and make really neat patterns on the paper. 
We set them aside to dry and once Evan and I brushed the salt off our dried paintings we all marveled at how our paintings came out.





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  1. Fabulous! They turned out so great!

  2. I love these!! Hope my artist tries something like this soon - she was looking for ideas!

    1. I do find that inspiration is often the hardest part! I wanted to do some arts and crafts with the boys today and no one wanted to do anything... until I mentioned I had some Fimo dough and we started looking around for ideas. Next thing I knew all three boys had made some adorable bookmarks.

  3. "SNOW" pretty! I'm bookmarking to possibly use for an upcoming sow day.


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