Repeated Shape Chalk Pastel Drawing: A How To

I was looking for a quick and easy art project to do with my boys.  I knew they all typically enjoyed anything involving chalk pastels and I found a few repeated shape drawings on Pinterest so I convinced them to give it a try.

We pulled out our supplies and got to work.

We needed chalk pastels, black paper, one cotton ball each, and a cardboard cutout of the shape we wanted to use.

We then traced around our shape with the chalk pastel

With our shape still in place we used the cotton ball to smear the chalk a bit; moving from inside the shape outwards.

We kept repeating the same shape over and over again until our paper was filled.

It was a quick and simple project and we really like the way our finished drawings look.

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  1. Love it! So simple, but pretty! Pinned.

  2. Oh, I love those! And we still have chalk pastels. Just need to get some black paper. Found out this morning it was almost all gone, then I used the remainder for our co-op project. I think the kids will have a blast with these. Thanks for sharing at Tots and Me. Definitely pinning too.

    1. Thanks for the pin and I bet you'll have a great time making these!

  3. Oh COOL! I am so having my youngest do this - what a great and simple idea!


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