How To Make Christmas Ornaments With Some Sparkle

I had such a great time making my ornaments for the exchange party that I wanted to make even more.

I really didn't feel like stamping the images onto the tissue paper, cutting them out, rolling them up and positioning them inside the ornament so I thought I'd try stamping right onto the ornament.

Dare I say I like these even better?

It took a few tries to figure out how to stamp neatly and evenly on the glass ornaments using my clear stamps and the Staz On ink pad but I found that any mis- stamped imaged wiped right off with a damp rag so I didn't mind playing around a bit.

Once I got the hang of it I stamped up a whole bunch.

Using the same pledge floor cleaner I coated the inside of the ornaments (one at a time) and used care to make sure I got a good coat everywhere.

After letting any excess floor cleaner drain out I added some glitter to each ornament.  This time I also experimented with adding a couple of colors of glitter at a time and then I shook the ornaments to make sure the glitter evenly coated the whole inside.

Here's a few photos of the completed ornaments:

Here are a few photos of the ornaments I made for the exchange:

Do you prefer one technique over the other?  

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  1. How cool! I LOVE these!! I was going to say I think my favorite is the green one with the Christmas tree, but then I love the pink one with the deer too. So hard to choose, they are all pretty.


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