Books My Boys Read this December

I have been writing up a monthly listing of all the books my boys read each month for quite some time now and yet I am always amazed at how much reading we get done.  Typically we put away all our books for the month of December and read fun Christmas books together (both chapter and picture books), but my boys told me that they didn't want to do that this year.  So I let them continue reading as normal and I am so glad I did!  They read so much!!

All's Faire in Middle School-- A fun graphic novel about a girl who decides to brave her local public middle school after being homeschooled.

Magnus Chase and the Ship of the Dead-- we only got half way through the book on CD before it was due back at the library and we can not wait to find out what happens to Magnus and his friends as they sail to try and stop Loki from  starting Ragnarok.

Wandmaker-- When Henry finds out that he's descended from wand makers and that he can cast spells he accidentally turns his sister into a porcupine.  In this first book of the series Henry is trying to balance family responsibilities with his new magic education.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets; Illustrated Edition-- In the second Harry Potter book, students are being petrified; literally turned to stone.  The teachers fear that the chamber of secrets has been opened and that might have to shut down the school.

Hatchet-- I got this book for my oldest son and thought he might enjoy it.  A story about a boy who has to learn to survive in the wild on his own with just his hatchet after his plane crash lands in Canada.

Beasts of Olympus; Beast Keeper, Steeds of the GodsHound of Hades- My middle son is really loving these easy to read stories about the Greek Gods.  With fun illustrations and lively stories it's quite a fun series.

Miss Tracy is Spacy & Mr. Nick is a Lunatic-- In these two Weird School books Miss Tracy, a retired scientist, teaches the students about the solar system and Mr. Nick is the temporary principal of the school while the teachers are out on strike.

Dragon Masters: Roar of the Thunder Dragon-- the 8th book of the series Drake and the rest of the Dragon Masters are searching for baby Lalo; the lightening dragon.

The Secrets of Bearhaven--  When Spencer's father is kidnapped, his uncle takes him to  bear haven, a sanctuary that Spencer's parents built.  Spencer learns that the bears have a special device that allows them to communicate with the humans and they hatch a plan to rescue his dad.

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief-- In this first book of the Percy Jackson series, Percy finds out that his father is Poseidon and he's taken to camp half- blood.  He learns that the gods are about to go to war over Zeus' missing lightning bolt and he's determined to find the missing bolt and stop the gods from warring.

The Witch Boy-- In Aster's family the girls are witches and the boys are shapeshifters; no exceptions.  However, he is now 13 and has yet to shift but he's fascinated by magic.  My middle son devour this graphic novel in just under an hour!

The Flashback Four; The Lincoln Project-- Four tweens from Boston are recruited by a mysterious billionaire to travel back in time and capture a photo of Lincoln giving the Gettysburg address but one thing after another seems to go wrong and the four find themselves working awfully hard not to get caught and to get back to their own time.

A Boy Called Christmas-- When Nikolas' father goes missing, Nikolas takes off to the North Pole to find him. He befriends a reindeer and find the village of Elfhelm.   We're really enjoying the story of how Nikolas came to be Santa.

The Baby- Sitters Club; Claudia and Mean Janine (graphic novel)-- The babysitter's club books re-written in graphic novel format!  Claudia and her sister Janine fight all the time but will they be able to put aside their differences when their family needs helps?

End of Infinity-- In the conclusion of this trilogy, Jack Blank must escape from the Rustov prince and save his home

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  1. I need that wandmaker book for my 10 year old daughter! Thanks for sharing your list!

  2. Wow, that's quite a lot of reading! I think my son would be interested in hatchet. I'll have to go find that one. Thanks! Hope you have a happy New Year!

    1. You'll have to let me know what he thought of it. Ian got half- way through and told me he was annoyed that the kid didn't seem to know anything at all about wildlife or nature. LOL.

    2. uh oh, my kid will probably feel the same!

    3. I was so disappointed that he felt that way I had heard so many great reviews of it!

  3. My kids have read the Hatchet books. (I'm pretty sure there's a sequel.)

    1. It is part of a series but he doesn't want to read the rest of them.


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