Ocean Animals Unit With FREE Crossword Puzzle Printable

We have studied ocean animals many times throughout our homeschooling years.  In fact, I'm not sure there isn't an ocean animal we haven't studied!  We always have a lot of fun and use lots of great picture books, movies, and activity sheets to help us in our learning.

Here are some of our favorite resources for learning about Ocean Animals.

Movies About Ocean Animals:

Survival; Tales of the Wild- Sea Otters 

Survival: Tales of the Wild - Sea Otters

Ocean (Eyewitness)

Product Details

IMAX: Under the Sea [Blu-ray]

Turtle: The Incredible Journey

National Geographic - Really Wild Animals: Deep Sea Dive

We just love learning about ocean animals and while we visit the shoreline a lot, try to stop at every aquarium and nature center we can, and watch all kids of movies about ocean animals we also love books about ocean animals.  Here are some of our favorites.

Books About Ocean Animals:

Ocean: A Visual Encyclopedia


Activities for Learning about Ocean Animals:

1. Here is a link to a fun and free crossword puzzle all about ocean animals:

If you enjoy this cute underwater sea creatures crossword puzzle the fun doesn't need to stop here!  You can also head over to Education.com for additional spelling games and adventures.   In fact they have a whole lot of ideas for having fun learning all about the Ocean.

2. Ocean Animals Sorting:  Find pictures of animals that live in the ocean, lakes, and rivers.  Divide paper into two sections; animals that live in the ocean and animals that do not live in the ocean.  Have kids divide up the pictures and paste them under the correct column.  To make this activity a bit easier with younger kids you could divide land and sea animals.

3. Make Ocean Slime

Love slime? You'll love this simple slime recipe using borax. This sparkling ocean slime recipe is perfect for summer fun and summer activities for kids!

4. Ocean layers:  Take 4 or 5 different shades of blue paper and layer them from light to dark overlapping each layer slightly to symbolize the layers of the ocean.    Have children label the different zones of the ocean and use stickers or draw appropriate animals in each layer.  


6.  Ocean wave in a bottle: take a jar with a resealable lid and add water part way.  Color with blue food coloring until you have the desired color you'd like.  Add oil to fill the jar up the rest of the way.  Glue lid onto the jar and then, once dry, shake and watch the waves rolling around in the jar.

7.  Play Chomp!  A fun way to learn about ocean food chains.


Ocean Bingo Board Game



  1. One of our favorite subjects! We keep returning to ocean studies, too. So much to learn!

  2. I'm thankful that we live near to the ocean, so the fun of tide pooling and creature collecting could be part of our experience!

    1. We too enjoy hands on learning! Just this past week we rescued an angel fish that was stuck in the surf (though I think a seagull later caught and ate it!).


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