Sweet Corn Fritters

We love sweet corn and when it's farm fresh we tend to buy it often.

A few years ago we had a lot of leftover corn on the cob after a party and while I was looking for some casserole or dish to make with it I stumbled upon a recipe for corn fritters.

They soon became a family favorite and over the years I've come up with my own recipe.

While grocery shopping this week Ian pointed out that we had not had any fritters since last summer so I bought 4 extra ears of corn.  This is enough to make a dozen corn fritters.


4 ears corn, cooked and cooled
3 eggs, lightly beaten
3/4 cup milk
3/4 cup flour
1 cup cornmeal
2 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp onion powder
Oil for frying

1.  Cut the corn kernels off the cob and into a large bowl.

2.  Using a box grater grate two of the corn cobs.  This ensures that all the little bits of pulp are added to the fritters making them nice and moist.  Once I am done grating I use a wooden spoon to break up the long strips of corn into smaller chunks.

3.  Add the eggs and milk to the corn and stir well. 

4.  In a separate bowl combine flour, corn meal, salt, baking powder, and onion powder.

5.  Add to the corn mixture and stir well.

6.  Heat oil in a large frying pan.  When the oil is hot pour 1/4 cup of the corn mixture into the hot oil.  It will flatten out like a pancake.  Cook until nice and golden brown around the edges.  Then Flip and continue cooking until the other side is lightly browned as well.

7.  They are best served hot and my boys like them with sour cream.

These do freeze well too.  I make up a double batch most time and lay them gently inside a gallon size Ziploc bag then when we take them out of the freezer I just heat them up on a rimmed baking sheet in a 350 degree oven until they are nice and hot.

Freezing some enables us to have a nice taste of summer in the middle of the winter.

Look at those nice big corn chunks!  Delicious! 

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  1. Yum! These sound so good! I like the idea of being able to freeze them to enjoy after summer is over!

    1. It is great to have a taste of summer once it's gone.

  2. I love this idea for all that frozen summer corn,

  3. These fritters look so yummy. Thanks for sharing your wonderful posts at Over The Moon Party.
    See you next week.

  4. Reminds me of my grandmothers fitters = yum! Thanks for sharing at the party - hope to see you at this week's party: http://www.jodiefitz.com/2017/08/22/reader-tip-tuesday-party-crafts-recipes/
    Its still & growing all week :)...

  5. These look yummy!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!! That Tornado came too close for comfort..

    1. Oh I bet! We had tornado warnings last night but thankfully nothing came of them.

  6. We love sweet corn too, and this recipe sounds just perfect. Thank you for sharing at The Really Crafty Link Party. Pinned.

  7. Oh gosh...I need this in my life ASAP! PINNED!!

    I would love for you to share this with my Facebook Group for recipes, crafts, tips, and tricks: https://www.facebook.com/groups/pluckyrecipescraftstips/

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

    1. Thanks for the Pin and I'll make sure to share it to your group.

  8. Your Sweet Corn Fritters look delicious, I just love Corn Fritters! Hope you are having a good week and thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday!
    Miz Helen

    1. Thank you! They are delicious in the summertime (and I love freezing the for that surprising taste of summer in the fall or winter too).

  9. So I live in Texas and haven't seen or heard of these! I am super excited to make them and impress my family. Can you tell me what else I would serve with these corn fritters? Obviously, I'm not a cook. Thanks so much! Pinned :)

    1. I typically serve them with some other summer vegetables like roasted zucchini, a side salad, etc. My family always tells me we should have stead with them and I could see that pairing well too. I bet they'd be great with seafood too!


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