More Movies and TV shows for Teaching Middle School.

I was sharing an old post about movies and TV shows we use for teaching middle school and realized I had so many more I needed and wanted to add!

We love using movies, even fictional movies to help us bring history and science to life.  They give us such a great jumping off point for discussion and further study.

Here are some more of our favorite movies and TV shows for middle school.


U- 571-- When United States Naval crew members must infiltrate a severely damaged German U boat and pose as Nazi's their mission is to steal the German coding device and sink the boat before they are discovered.
U-571 (Collector's Edition)

The Founder-- The true story of how Ray Kroc took the McDonald's brothers and created a billion dollar empire. ( Just a warning; you will not like Ray Kroc much at all by the end!).

In the Shadow of the Moon- A documentary about the NASA space program from during the 1960's and 1970's.

The Perfect Storm--- This movie is based on the actual disappearance of a fishing ship called the Andrea Gail just off the coast of Gloucester, Massachusetts.

The Finest hours-- Based on a true story, this movie focuses on the Coast Guard rescue off the coast of Cape Cod.

Max-- We loved this movie about a returning war hero service dog named Max.

Hidden Figures--  A wonderful movie about three African American women who worked at NASA during the first manned space launch.

Hidden Figures

2012-- My oldest son loved this apocalypse movie that based the end of the world on the Mayan Calendar.  


Deep Impact-- Another end of the world movie where a large meteor is heading for the Earth.

Dante's Peak -- In the town of Dante's Peak a long dormant volcano is about to erupt.  Filled with action and destruction it was thoroughly enjoyed by my oldest son.

TV Shows:

Cupcake Wars; This Food Network show is not new but I had to add this to our list since it got my middle son so interested in baking!

Homestead Rescue: One Alaskan homesteading family goes around the country trying to help other people who are trying to homestead.  They work on everything from building structures, taking care of livestock, irrigation and water issue and so much more.

Cake Wars-- Not quite as popular as Cupcake Wars, we do watch this show and love to see all the elaborately decorated cakes that the bakers are able to create.

Scorpion-- While not at all scientifically accurate my family does love to watch these 5 geniuses save the world each and every week.

Planet Earth-- An amazing documentary for nature lovers.

America's Castles-- We have found old DVD's of this series at our library and love learning about the mansions and castles found in our home country.

Tanked-- My boys love watching the antics of the two owners of a custom aquarium company.  The tanks they install and the fish they use are always so amazing to see too.

Tree House Masters-- This show takes tree house building to a whole new level!  We love watching them decide where to build the tree house, what it will look like and seeing the steps involved in making that design a reality.

River Monsters-- My husband and oldest son love watching this show that brings light all sorts of animals found in rivers and coastal waters from around the world.

Men at Arms-- My youngest son loves this series (we can only find them on YouTube) but they build amazing weapons using metal and forge.

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  1. Awesome list! I have to look for America's castles.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. They're great. We have a lot of them near us too so to watch a movie about a place we can follow up with a field trip is wonderful.


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