Checking Out the Sights in Jamestown, Rhode Island

Our family went to Jamestown, Rhode Island yesterday.  The weather was beautiful and we checked out a couple of the state parks.

Our first stop was Fort Wetherill.  The boys and their dad toured the fort while I took pictures of it from the outside.   

We had lunch at the park and went to check out one of the beaches for a quick dip in the water.  Ian tried catching crabs, fish and small sea creatures too.

Once we had enough of fort Wetherill we went up to Beavertail Lighthouse.  I took the boys to Beavertail last year but the lighthouse museum and the aquarium had been closed during that visit so this visit we just focused on those two.  (If you'd like to see photos of the lighthouse itself and the surrounding area you can check out this post). 

Inside the museum we learned all about the history of Beavertail lighthouse as well as all the other lighthouses in Rhode Island.

We learned about the lights, the lighthouse keepers, and even all the shipwrecks around the area!!

My husband worked on this lighthouse (in fact he built the 3 level work platform they mention) 

We had a museum docent who stopped and talked to us about some of the shipwrecks off the Rhode Island coast.  We learned about the Gaspee; Rhode Island's own version of the Boston Tea Party!  It was such an interesting story (you can read more about the actual events here).

We then went to check out the aquarium.  They had a touch tank, tanks with puffer fish, crabs, lobsters, crayfish, robin fish, horseshoe crabs, turtles and star fish.  

We had so much fun.

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