Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Were Bored EVERY day!

Typically we enjoy a good month of swimming in the lake, playing outside, playing with water balloons, etc before I hear my boys complain that they are bored.  This year, however, my boys only made it one week.  I must have heard "there's nothing to do" a million times this week.

No one wanted to go swimming in the lake, play outside, go on a hike, a field trip, etc... nothing.  I must have suggested a handful of things we could do each day and every single time my suggestions were met with shrugs, eye rolls, or sighs... so I let them be bored and ignored the complaints.

By the end of the week they were all pretty good at finding ways to keep themselves occupied!

Friday we met up with some friends at the movies and saw Cars 3.  Alec started the day making some delicious strawberry/ white chocolate chunk cookies (recipe will be on the blog tomorrow!).  The older two boys spent quite a bit of time working with the color by number coloring books and markers too.  They each brought a book and some markers in the car to keep them occupied while listening to our book on CD.

The boys were pretty much on their own Saturday.  My husband and I spent much of the day in our attic trying to get our duct work set up for our new heating/air conditioning unit (ours died a few months ago and getting a new unit required quite a lot of work!).  The boys spent time playing with their Lego sets, coloring, and crafting.  I was so startled to see Evan sitting at the table using Perler beads.  He had fun making a Minecraft healing potion using the new Minecraft idea book we got.  Ian took off with his grandfather to work for the afternoon; they built another picnic table.

The boys spent a good portion of the day outside on Sunday.  Ian started the day fishing with his grandfather.  The boys went swimming and tubing.  Evan asked us to take him to Gamestop so he could buy a new video game using the money he earned working.  We needed to head to Lowe's and buy some more supplies to get our heating system up and running anyway and we stopped for lunch at Subway.  We got the air conditioning up and running by dinnertime and we had a very nice meal for my husband with all of his favorites for Father's Day.  Complete with fresh strawberry shortcake that Alec made special for him.

Monday and Tuesday were pretty quiet days.  Ian had a friend over on Monday and the boys spent some time outside playing in the yard and up in their rooms.  We did go to karate this week and the boys got to work on break falls and forward rolls.  We played some card games, spent some time out in the sun and just enjoyed a few quiet days at home.  Alec spent lots of time in his room coloring and reading.

The boys helped me clean the whole house on Wednesday; we had a guy coming to inspect it and take pictures since we were switching insurance companies.  They grumbled a bit but realized it had been awhile since we cleaned.  We worked together room by room and got the whole house looking nice within an hour.  The older boys settled down to play Monopoly while Evan and I played Uno and War.  By the time lunch rolled around the older boys were yelling at each other and I had them clean up the game.  They were pretty unhappy with one another for the rest of the day.  We spent another afternoon inside since the caterpillars are out in full force now and even falling from the trees; though the younger boys and I did chance a quick walk up to our mailbox to get some fresh air and exercise.  We also had fun watching some hummingbirds at our feeder.  Ian headed off to work with his grandfather after supper and Evan and I settled down to watch the Lego Batman movie (again).  Alec had a sleepover planned that had been canceled at the last minute and while he was so upset he did cheer himself up watching some funny YouTube videos about Minecraft .

Ian headed out to work on Thursday morning.  He was moving the painted picnic tables out of our yard and bringing over some new ones for his brothers to paint.  He also had some mowing to do but the mower was running low on gas so he had to take a break until his father or grandfather got home.  The boys were fighting again and I figured I needed to find something for us to do so I pulled out some crafting supplies and we tried our hand at making metal stamped bookmarks.  Next thing I knew my boys were swimming (no that's not our pool), riding scooters and bikes, having a water balloon fight.  We spent the whole rest of the day outside!

Don't you just feel so bad for them?

What do you do when your kids complain that they're bored?

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  1. I have one child who really can't seem to get himself out of boredom and sinks into sadness. I usually make them read or work if I have already provided all of the fun or parent led activities for the day. Great week.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. I told them we'd be starting back up with schoolwork the first week of July. I think that will help us quite a bit.

  2. I'd say you handled their cries of boredom perfectly! I have a Minecraft fan at this house, too.


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