Weekly Wrap- Up: The Week We Made our Shamrocks

We had such a fun week.  We spent most of it at home, content to work on our schoolwork and putter around the house.

Friday the boys were busy in the kitchen.   Ian made chocolate chip cookies and Alec made Chex mix.  The boys all took their spelling tests, took a math minute, worked on two pages in their math books and did some reading.  Ian read a few more chapters in The Quicksand Question.  Alec and Evan each read Memoirs of a Parrot.  Evan worked on two pages in his word family book and the older two boys each worked on a page in their English and grammar books.  Ian spent some time working on his fort and all three boys went out for a little bit even though it was quite windy out.  Alec finally started painting his cat food dish holder.  Each of the boys cleaned the bathrooms.  We read another chapter in The Candymakers, another two chapters in A King's Ransom and for history we read the story Mary Smith learning about the job of the knocker-ups in England.  Ian and I played rummy then we all played a rousing game of war.  We headed back outside and the boys rode bikes for a bit.

The boys helped me clean and organize our basement Saturday morning.  Alec finished painting his food dish; adding cute little noses, whiskers, eyes and tails to his mice.  It looks adorable!  It was so warm the boys spent a good portion of the day outside playing basketball, working on the fort and riding bikes.

One side of Alec's cat dish 

The other side of Alec's cat dish
Sunday Ian went to work with his father on his screening plant.  We all had some time at home together and ended up playing an awful lot of games.  Evan and I played Harry Potter Scene it 2 while Alec challenged his dad to a few games of Mario Chess.  Evan, Alec and I took turns reading aloud the final pages from the first chapter of Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone. The boys and I played a few card games of war and then Ian, Alec and I played rummy.  We played a few rounds of Apples to Apples after dinner.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone by [Rowling, J.K.]

Monday we jumped into our schoolwork early and finished up all our work in just under two hours!  Each of the boys worked on math, took a math minute, and started a new spelling unit.   The older boys worked in their writing books while Evan worked on another two pages dealing with word families.  They each did some reading too.  Ian read two more chapters in The Quicksand Question.  Alec read a few chapters in The Five Kingdoms and Evan read They All Saw A Cat.  We made some fun shamrock zentangles using our rainbow scratch paper and then Ian worked on his model car kit for a bit.  Together we read aloud two chapters each from The Candymaker and from The King's Ransom.  Ian went out to work on his fort for a little while and then the boys and I went on a bike ride.  It was a bit chilly but since all the snow piles were gone we decided to take advantage of the sun and get outside and get moving!

At the last minute the boys decided not to attend their karate class on Tuesday; normally I'd cajole or force them into attending but it was a cold, gray morning and I was content to stay home too.  We didn't have much schoolwork planned so we were done school early.  Each boy worked in their spelling workbooks, in their cursive books, and with their math books.  They took a math minute quiz and did some reading. Ian finished up The Quicksand Question and Evan read another chapter in Saving the Sun Dragon.  Alec read a few more chapters in the Five Kingdoms.  We read a few chapters together in The Candymakers and The Kings Ransom.  We all played Disney Pictionary together and then Alec and I played two games of Disney Scene it.  Ian worked on his model car for a bit and then went out to work on his fort.  The younger two boys settled down to finish Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.  After the movie Alec and I played Mario Chess while the other boys went to battle it out playing Call of Duty on the Xbox.  We went outside and checked on Ian's fort then played a game of wiffle ball.

Disney Pictionary DVD Game
Front walls are up! 
We just HAD to do groceries Wednesday morning so I whipped up a quick batch of waffles, fed the boys, and while I cleaned up they got a bit of a start on their schoolwork.  We then took a break to get our groceries and after they helped me carry them all into the house they settled down to finish up their work.  I had not really realized how independent they had all become!  Evan needed me to sit and read with him but other than that all three boys completed all their schoolwork only needing me to correct their work.  They all took a math minute test, worked in their math books and on Khan Academy, and finished another page in their spelling books.  Evan worked on two pages in his word family book and the older two boys worked on a page in their English and grammar book.  Once their work was done we all settled down to eat lunch and I read another two chapters in The Candymakers then we read How to Make An Apple Pie and See the World.  Alec, Ian and I watched Cake Wars and then Ian went to work on his model again.  Alec and I played a game of Mario Chess and then the boys spent some time watching TV, movies and playing video games.  Ian has been watching The Hunt for Red October and could not wait to finish it.

I had pulled out some extra work for Thursday, forgetting that we were leaving the house to go meet up with friends.  The boys were great about getting all the work done before we needed to leave; they're really showing me how much they're growing up this week!  All three boys took a math minute test, worked in their math workbooks or on Khan Academy, finished up their spelling unit and prepared for tomorrow's test.  The older boys had a writing worksheet while Evan finished up this week's word family activities.  Ian started reading The Panda Puzzle, Alec read another chapter in The Five Kingdoms and Evan read one more chapter in Saving the Sun Dragon.  We read two more chapters in A King's Ransom together and all three boys worked on two pages in their Multiplication Games books.  We then packed up lunches and headed out to a homeschooling gym day.  The boys had a great time playing HORSE, fooseball, and ping pong.  Alec and Evan played a Minecraft card game with their friend and before we knew it; it was time to leave!  Once home Alec and I played Trouble and the Scrambled States of America.  After dinner the boys all played Guess Who and passed a ball back and forth in our playroom.

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  1. Always great things going on in your world! I love all of the wonderful books and activities.
    Blessings, Dawn

  2. LOVE the cat dish! And the colorful shamrocks, and the pokemon onesie in the first picture! LOL Thanks for linking up!

    1. I just love the cat dish so much; it makes me smile each time I look at it.


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