My February Books

I have had so much fun reading these wonderful books this month.  I just love a good book that I can loose myself in!  Other than my first pick of the month, all of the other books tended to deal with three sisters as the main characters... it wasn't intentional but I do love reading about the bonds of sisterhood.

1.  Small Great Things By Jodi Picoult-- Wow!  I kept putting off the reading of this book and I am so glad I finally just jumped in.  It was a really powerful and moving story as most of Jodi Picoult's books are.  When Ruth, an African American delivery room nurse, is told that a white supremacist doesn't want her to touch his son events unfold that leave Ruth battling in the courts for her innocence.  This book dealt with racism in all it's aspects and was quite the page turner.

2.  Daughters of the Bride by Susan Mallery -- A fun and lighthearted story about the family ties and dynamics that define us.  With their mother about to be married Courtney, Sienna and Rachel find that their views of love and self- worth are about to be tested, analyzed and ultimately changed.

3. True Colors by Kristin Hannah-- I loved this story about one family of sisters who try to keep the bonds that tie them together from unraveling.  Their mother died young and they have always struggled to win their father's love, affection and approval; even when it meant competing with one another.  

4.  Sisters One, Two, Three by Nancy Star-- Was such a surprisingly gripping story.  When one mother is struggling to help her aging and failing mother, keep things running well on the home front and at work, while trying desperately not to drive away her teenage daughter with all of her worries, rules, and fears she also starts to reminisce on her life and her childhood... and the tragedies that shaped her into the woman she became.   

5.  The Glass Kitchen by Linda Francis Lee-- I ended up reading this book in just one day!  It was such a wonderful book about staying true to oneself and embracing those gifts we are given no matter how uncomfortable they may make us or those around us.  Portia always wanted to run her grandmother's restaurant, The Glass Kitchen.  But after a both loss and betrayal she heads to New York to be with her sisters and start fresh. She meets Ariel, a 12 year old girl, her sister and widowed father.

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  1. Thanks for these reviews and recommendations. Always looking for a good book to read.

    1. Me too! I love reading and love looking for lists of suggestions. Glad you enjoyed this list.

  2. Always Always Always fun to find out what others are reading!

  3. Small Great Things sounds interesting!

  4. I was thinking of reading sister one, two, three after your review I will pick up a copy.

  5. Ooo what great choices of books here! True Colors sounds like one I'd really enjoy! #mg

  6. Thanks for sharing these, I love reading so i love to hear about new books I haven't heard of #mg


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