Warm Winter Scarves That are Easy to Make

I made a few fleece scarves for some quick and easy gifts this winter.  It's not often I get to try out new crafts or have time to make something just for fun!

These scarves were quite easy to make too.  I had some leftover fleece fabric and decided to make two different kinds of scarves.

I love the warmth of fleece scarves and I thought to make them extra warm I would make them extra thick.  I cut a piece of fleece 22 inches wide by 62 inches long.  

Then I folded the rectangle in half with right sides together and sewed a straight line down both sides of the scarf making sure to start my stitch line 3" from the end and ending my stitch line 3" from the other end.  I had decided to sew the folded side as well to help the scarf hold it's shape better.  

I trimmed away any excess seam allowance and then turned the scarves right side out.

Here you can see where I left the 3" seam allowance at each end.

Using my hands I smoothed the scarf down to make one long rectangle. 

I began making cuts up three inches from each end on both the upper and lower portions of the scarf; trying to eyeball the size of my cuts and keep them somewhat uniform.  

Then I began knotting top to bottom; making a cute decorative trim and closing off the ends of the scarf. 

And just like that I was done my first scarf!

The second piece of fleece I had was not long enough to make a traditional scarf out of but it was very wide.  Thinking of some ruffled scarves I made out of t-shirts a few years ago I decided to apply that same concept to the fleece. 

I cut out 20 9" circles using a paper plate as a template.  With the 20 circles I was able to make two scarves.

Once I had all my circles cut I started cutting them into a spiral pattern.  Like this:

As you get to the end of the spiral the fleece starts to look like a thin ribbon with a bit of a curl to the edges.

Once I had each of the circles cut into little ribbon I stacked them together.  Because my spirals were not all uniform the lengths of my ribbons varied a bit.  I made sure to hold each ribbon in the middle and then mad a knot tying them all together.  

And voila! My second scarf was done!...  Spiderman was kind enough to model it for me.

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    1. Thanks, I did too; ended up "gifting" the second one to myself!

  2. Fleece scarves are so warm. Great job on making two of them. I'm visiting from the Really Crafty link party.

  3. They are wonderful. The first one is my favorite, though it's probably because of the colors. I do appreciate the method you used for the second one, I'd never seen it before. Thank you for sharing at The Really crafty Link Party this week. Pinned!

  4. This fun post is being featured on You're the STAR blog hop this week: http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/2017/02/youre-star-week2-creative-february-2017.html
    Thank you & please link up your most recent posts!

  5. Hi Mother of 3!
    Thanks for sharing your scarves with us on Farm Fresh Tuesdays! I'm featuring your post tonight :) It fits right in with my post about saving money on fabric! See you back at the party!


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